If I had a dollar for every time I had a super busy day at work and rushed to that 7pm gym class only to come home and eat tin spaghetti on toast for tea I would be a millionaire. We all know that to accompany exercise you need a well-balanced and nutritious diet that gives your body the energy it needs to perform at it’s best everyday, although sometimes finding the time to prepare such meals is near impossible. What if I told you that you could eat like a top athlete with little preparation time? And no you don’t need a chef at your beck and call. Dineamic is a new pre-prepared food range offering nutrient-rich, delicious, and convenient premium meal solutions for a serious health boost. Yes that’s right, pre-prepared! Literally heat it up and serve it up for an easy meal with the health factor, now that sure beats my tin spaghetti on toast.

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Dineamic was created by leading dietician Karen Inge, former professional footballer Jason Johnson, and award winning chef John Casey, and encompasses the nutritional requirements of elite athletes. And if that doesn’t sell you, the Dineamic team has been fuelling some of Australia’s top sporting heroes and teams for over a decade. Including Cathy Freeman in the lead up to her gold medal performance at the Sydney Olympics, as well as AFL teams Carlton and St Kilda Football Clubs, A-League soccer team Melbourne Heart, and NBL team Melbourne Tigers. How many times have you seen a top athlete/sports star and thought ‘I want what they’re having!’ well now you can. Karen Inge says, ‘packed with lean sources of protein, the right carbohydrate rich foods, plenty of vegetables and nothing artificial, these chef-made meals are healthy, taste delicious, and are so convenient for the whole family to enjoy”.

Co-founder Jason Johnson want’s to spread the message to all Australians to make healthier fast food choices and he has hit the nail on the head by pin pointing the gap in the market for convenient healthy meals without the preservatives, and I for one am very excited. Ranging from a variety of tasty soups, traditional curries, gourmet casseroles and tagines, Italian classics, and a selection of meat and fish dishes, there’s a range of meals to suit all tastes. For added convenience, Dineamic have clearly marked each meal with dietary labels making it easy to identify specific dietary qualities such as vegetarian, diary or gluten-free, and even a selection of fructose friendly options. The Dineamic range is now available online at www.dineamic.com.au for home delivery and a selected range available at a growing number of independent supermarkets, delicatessens and health stores across Victoria. So next time you’re on your way home from a night gym session remember to pop in and grab yourself a healthy and quick dinner option.

For more information head on over to their website www.dineamic.com.au

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