As winter closes in and university exams loom closer, I can almost feel an impending sense of doom as stress is sure to hit record levels soon. Uni student or not, I’ll bet that most Melbournians are struggling over the gloomy mid-year hump, so here’s how I’ve been keeping sane as I deal with all my first world problems and questioning why I chose this evil, evil path in life.




Tea solves everything.


Invest in an appropriate phone wallpaper.


Every time I attempt to check Instagram, past Amanda screams this at me. When I go ahead and check it anyway, all I feel is the heavy burden of guilt and failure #ohtheshame


The little things.


Fresh flowers, a scented candle, clean sheets, gumdrop buttons. Sometimes even stepping outside for a breath of fresh air can make all the difference.



The diet can start next Monday; right now, you need chocolate. Just don’t eat the whole box or you’ll be drilling that keyboard for ten minutes then falling asleep into it for the next three hours.


Get plenty of rest.
Yes, there are only 24 hours in a day, but if you don’t spend enough of those getting some Z’s, then you’ll be wasting half of the rest of them. If you need to, invest in a sneaky nana nap with your cat. Besides getting plenty of rest, you need to check here for more things that can help you out in dealing with stress.


Love the zen.

My dad – bless his Chinese socks – can be extremely philosophical at times, which has an oddly calming effect on me. I’ll often ask him what he thinks happens to us after we die, and just lie back as his soothing words wash over me. Coincidentally, with those glasses he also looks like the old guy from Up!, so my hope is that when we die, we’ll fly off to heaven under a million balloons. See? Zen.


Take a break!

Makeup shopping is the easiest pick-me-up. Without fail, a new lipstick or nail polish will lift your game to get you refreshed and ready to churn out some kick-ass documents.


Those that know me will be shocked that I’m suggesting this, considering my idea of exercise is walking from David Jones to Manning Cartell. However, I do believe that a short walk outside to clear the mind and get away from the computer is mighty helpful when you are working inside all day.


Wear heels. And lipstick.

If newsreaders can wear trakkies under the news desk, who says you can’t wear 5-inch heels with pyjamas and a red pout while working from home? I’ll write about marketing strategies and feel hot at the same time, thankyouverymuch.


Last of all ( and most importantly): don’t you dare go online shopping.

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