Pooches across Australia can now have a delicious new addition to their meals as Chobani, Australia’s #1 yogurt brand, has released a plain, low-fat and lactose-free yogurt for dogs! Made with simple yet effective ingredients including skim milk, lactase and live yogurt cultures, Daily Dollop is a must-have for dog-owners seeking a healthy snack for their canine companions as it’s packed with probiotics and gentle on tummies.

Available early September and exclusively sold in the chilled pet food section at Woolworths supermarkets, Daily Dollop yogurt is a healthy option to introduce into dogs’ diets and can serve as an addition to daily meals, an easy snack or as a mix-in to spice up dry food.

High in protein and calcium, Chobani’s Daily Dollop will help strengthen the bones and teeth of our four-legged friends and can be slowly introduced to dogs’ daily food, allowing them to become accustomed to the taste. Gourmet pet food options have become increasingly popular in recent years.  With around 40% of households in Australia including at least one dog, many fur babies are considered part of the family, so it’s only natural that owners are focused on the welfare of their pet including what type of food they’re fed.

With Daily Dollop now on shelves, health-conscious pet parents can easily add it to their baskets as a delicious and nutritious addition that comes recommended by veterinarians. “Yogurt is such a great source of nutrients for pets, especially dogs, and Daily Dollop serves as a welcomed addition to
their daily protein and calcium intake. I highly recommend Aussies start getting on board with feeding their canine friends a bit of yogurt during mealtime,” said Dr Brooke Schampers, Veterinarian, Animal Emergency Service.

For more information about Chobani Australia, please visit www.chobani.com.au

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