When it comes to travelling, having your belongings organised, accessible and secure is an absolute must. Fortunately for us, Bellroy specialises in just that, offering a range of slimline leather accessories that are cleverly designed to suit your needs. Whether you are headed on a long overseas adventure or just taking your regular morning train to work, Bellroy has something to make your life that little bit easier.


For my recent trip to Japan, I took two Bellroy accessories with me: their new 1-Card Phone Case (for iPhone 6), and their Travel Wallet. Both made from a hardy but supple vegetable-tanned leather, they survived a rough five-week holiday with nary a scratch, and kept me looking and feeling like the sleekest traveller there ever was.

The new Bellroy Phone Case also comes in a 3-Card version, which is great for carrying the bare necessities. Allowing you to leave your wallet at home and carry just your ID, credit card and public transport card, the 3-Card Phone Case is perfect for exercising, a night out, or any number of adventures.


I tend to lump around a large handbag full of ‘essentials’, so as a regular public transport user at home in Melbourne, the 1-Card Phone Case is perfect for keeping my Myki transit card easily accessible at all times. Gone are the days of fumbling at the ticket barrier; now, it takes a simple flick o’ the thumb to access my Myki. Unfortunately you do need to take the card out of the slot rather than touching the case onto the card reader. However, this is definitely due to issues with the Myki system, as the more-sensitive readers in Japan had no issue sensing the card through the super-thin phone case. Whilst in Japan, I naturally made full use of their extensive public transport system. The 1-Card Phone Case made the journey even smoother, whether I was cruising along in Hiroshima’s trams and ferries, or rushing through the Tokyo Metro.


Apart from the all-important card slot, the Bellroy Phone Case has just enough space to squeeze in that emergency 5 bucks for that emergency coffee, and even has a small slot for a spare SIM card to nestle into. Having lost or misplaced many SIM cards over the years because of their frustratingly small size, this was a safe and reassuring place to store my Australian SIM whilst I used a Japanese SIM on my travels. The vegetable-tanned leather case is lined with microfiber to cushion your precious iPhone, and reinforced with a polycarbonate shell for grip and protection from everyday mishaps.

Snuggled next to my 1-Card Phone Case in my backpack was my Bellroy Travel Wallet. This is undoubtedly the best travel wallet I have ever come across, thanks to its thoughtful innovation. Personally, I detest flying, so anything that makes the experience less stressful for me is welcome.



The slimline Travel Wallet allowed me to store everything I needed for my flights, and having all of these in one place not only made me feel like an organisation pro, it was also a great comfort knowing that I hadn’t forgotten or lost anything. It has a slot for everything – boarding pass, cards, passport, money, SIM card, and even a nifty little pen for filling out those pesky arrival cards – all encased in the loveliest leather. As a group of avid travellers, every member of my family now has a Bellroy Travel Wallet. And believe me, if something has won over the discerning Mumma Wong, you just know it has to be good.

The Bellroy 1-Card Phone Case (RRP $64.95), 3-Card Phone Case (RRP $74.95) and Travel Wallet (RRP $139.95) can be purchased at www.bellroy.com. 

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