In what can only be described as a match made in design heaven, this month will see the launch of a collaboration between luxury lifestyle brand, Lumira and Melbourne’s ultimate style aficionado, The Cool Hunter.

While founders of Lumira and The Cool Hunter, Almira Armstrong and Bill Tikos respectively, have known and avidly followed the work of one another for many years, it is now that a highly considered collaboration comes to life through the release of a limited edition Lumira candle, aptly named, The Cool Hunter Melbourne.

Armstrong explains, “Lumira has worked with The Cool Hunter since it’s beginning, with our candles always received really positively by Bill’s clients. I have such huge respect for the attention to detail and quality that The Cool Hunter represents, both online and in store. There is such care and consideration when it comes to the brands that The Cool Hunter represents, so it made for a very natural collaboration between the two of us.”

With a freestanding boutique in the heart of Melbourne, The Cool Hunter represents everything that the capital of Victoria is known for – style, culture and sophistication. It was for these qualities, as well as sheer attention to detail and quality that The Cool Hunter and Lumira were drawn to one another.

Tikos describes just how influential Melbourne was in the creation of this fragrance: “The scent was developed to celebrate our first permanent (and hopefully flagship) store in Melbourne so it made sense to name it after the city. I was confident the store would do well in Melbourne thanks to the locals natural and effortless sense of style and sophistication. Confidence doesn’t necessarily mean certainty and there is always an element of risk when investing in a permanent bricks and mortar project like this one, there is no guarantee it will work and the initial outlay in time and resources can be daunting. But with risk there can also be reward and my confidence of finding a receptive market in Melbourne was well founded. So for me this scent will always represent that confidence in trying something new and taking a chance.”

Stocked exclusively through The Cool Hunter Melbourne store, the candle fragrance is a heady mix of citrus, lemon and grapefruit top notes, hints of patchouli and tobacco through the middle, rounded out by more earthy tones of vetiver, amber and musk through the base of the fragrance.


The Cool Hunter Melbourne candle ($59) will be available in store from July 20th, 2016.

142 Commercial Road, Prahran VIC 3181



Clarisonic, the creator of the bestselling skin cleansing device, today introduces Mia FIT –its most compact and versatile device yet. This new device provides a gentle and effective cleanse wherever your life takes you – the gym, the airplane, work or home. Cleansing with Mia FIT only takes 60 seconds and the result is skin that that looks and feels amazing. The Mia FIT has the power of a full-sized Clarisonic device in a new design that is half the size– delivering a gentle on-the-go cleanse that is 6X better than using hands alone.

Clarisonic Mia FIT is specifically designed for women who need a skincare routine that easily fits their busy lives. This travel-friendly design is comfortable to hold and is small enough to stash in a gym bag, carry-on or bathroom drawer. Like Alpha Fit, Clarisonic’s first-ever men’s device, Mia FIT features both a new shape and two streamlined settings to target every cleansing need. Setting 1 provides a 60 second delicate cleanse for everyday impurities, and Setting 2 provides a 80 second power cleanse, perfect for after workouts or for long-wear makeup removal. The Mia FIT also comes in three beautiful shades – pink, blue and white.

The new Mia FIT also features the Radiance Brush Head with smooth, soft bristles that delivers a luxurious and effective cleansing experience. This unique and patented brush head is velvety-soft and helps to improve skin texture. Every Mia FIT sold also includes the Skin Illuminating Cleanser that is formulated with Licorice Root extract, Peppermint Leaf extract and Ginko Biloba Leaf extract to provide a more radiant looking complexion.

Mia FIT retails for $225,



Straight from the beehive to you, Beechworth Honey, introduces its first honey-tinged range of Bee Natural Beauty products. The natural line harnesses the healing, replenishing and cleansing properties of honey in two delicious honey-laced botanical and nut fragrances.
Bee Natural puts the power of honey to work in five essential products available in Bush Honey and Macadamia and Mountain Honey and Lavender. Both delicately perfumed with two distinctly different honeys and range of ‘bee friendly’ plants and nuts that depend on the hardworking honeybee for pollination.
The range includes a Face Moisturiser, Face Scrub, Hand & Body Wash, Hand Cream and Hand & Body Lotion
Made in Australia, Bee Natural contains 100% Australian Beechworth Honey with nut, botanical and plant extracts and oils that are carefully selected to be as pure as possible (products are 98% natural). There are no artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, paragons and no animal testing.
Bee Natural skin care is gentle on you, the environment and the honeybees. We have bees to thank for one in every three mouthfuls of food we eat! Sadly they are under threat around the world. Every Beechworth Honey product sold contributes to saving Australia’s honeybees by funding our ‘Bee Cause’ programs of research, education and conservation.
Available at Woolworths stores nationally and online at

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