Ever wanted to know what makes a comfortable shoe? Men – we are often under looked as needing comfort and style; “you’re a man, have you ever tried wearing heels – you don’t know this kind of pain.” The word “comfortable” when it comes to shoes is different for men to women, if you want to know more, read more. Fashion should always comes with comfort.

I want to battle a long standing myth that men do not every feel uncomfortable in shoes, this might seem odd and it’s perhaps because we get drowned out by the woe of the heel, however as a size 12/13 male who struggles to find comfortable shoes, knowing what to look out for when picking a shoe has become the utmost of importance.

A new range of footwear from BARED Shoes promises to tackle the often hushed cried of uncomfortable men everywhere. Founded by podiatrist, Anna Baird, her aim was to create “Wearable, Wantable shoes” and she has done just that. I recently sampled these shoes and not only do they look great but they feel amazing!

Anna has provided us with five things every man must look out for when picking out a comfortable and on-trend pair of shoes!


Having a solid cushioning is a must-have for every shoe. A removable footbed is essential as all mens feet are different widths and sometimes a biomechanical orthodic will need to be inserted for the ultimate in comfort. Find out what shoe shape you are here.


The shank is the part in between the heel itself and the sole, a solid plank to provide stability and support. Ask what the shank is made from and make sure it is steel for the best.


Surprisingly enough wearing flats or going barefoot for too long will leave you in pain. Make sure your heel is at least 12mm so prevent heel and calf pain.


Make sure there is suitable cushioning underneath the footbed. Without this it can feel like walking straight on concrete so a must is foam cushioning underneath the footbed.


What is the actual shoe itself made from? Make sure the lining is leather or your feet won’t be able to breathe! One of the best softener for leather shoes I found was on URAD.com.


To see more great styles and tips from Anna just visit BARED Shoes!




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