Christmas festivities are over, New Years is done and dusted , and 2014 has begun. This time of year is always full of excitement and resolutions, but for some of us, the new year begins with a drawn out hangover of excess. Whether it be too much alcohol, too much eating or just too much on your calendar, it seems that we all need a little TLC at about this point. I’ve put together a perfect post-party list to guide you in your recovery. If you’re feeling a little worse for wear then incorporate these steps into your life to look and feel great.

 1. Drink Water

This is obvious as you and your skin are most likely dehydrated from the influx of espresso martini’s in your system. Try sipping at least a couple of litres continuously throughout the day. At first you might find you are going to the bathroom more regularly than normal but this is your body starting to flush out toxins and rehydrating cells. A small inconvenience for a short period of time but a very necessary step.


2. Moisture

It is so important to make sure you are feeding your skin with appropriate skin care. If skin is dehydrated a light moisturiser is going to evaporate before any nutrients are effectively absorbed. Make sure you consult a professional and get the right skin care for you. I highly recommend a fantastic moisturiser and night cream that is both hydrating but also targets specific concerns you have whether it be ageing, pigmentation, dryness etc. I love Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser for day and Eve Lom TLC cream for night.


3. Serums

You also want to include serums in your skin care routine. Especially if your skin is in need of some repair. Vitamin C is essential in the morning after using a good cleanser. I use Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Vitamin C Brightening Serum which is fantastic and great value for money. Another must have serum in your regime is one with Vitamin B. B is fantastic for boosting hydration. My favourite B serum is Aspect Dr Multi B Serum. Use this morning and night or just morning, OVER your other serums. So this is the last serum you would use before moisturising. Another great serum, if you are needing a little more anti-ageing in your regime is a Retinol Serum. The purpose of this serum is to help lessen fine lines and any discolouration in tone and general dullness to the skin. Retinol serums can be harsh so make sure you only use this at night, and sunscreen can not be skipped at any cost.


4. Boosters

Now I thought my skincare regime was quite comprehensive. I’ll even say I got a little smug at how fantastic it was working for me. That is until a recent visit to a cosmetic store opening, when I realised that I was out of the loop in a whole new wave of skincare products that create a whole new step in my regime. These are the protective creams and products aimed to be placed on the skin after cleansing but BEFORE serums, to ensure skin is in an optimal state to absorb all the nutrients from your serums. I have fallen in love with Perricone MD Cold Plasma. Upon application my skin instantly looks plump and hydrated. Another fantastic product is Priori Cellular Recovery Serum which is a comprehensive anti ageing product on its own, but its main purpose is to act as a booster for all products in your skincare regime so you get the most out of them.


5. Gentle Exfoliation

Next in skin care is exfoliation. It is a must to get rid of dead skin, and toxins of the skin. We want to buff away the old and bring in soft, supple hydrated looking skin. A common mistake is using a grainy exfoliator. Even though this is effective in sloughing off dead skin, an exfoliator textured with sand or a type of grain is a no-no. Exfoliators like this actually break down cell cohesion, making it more difficult for cell to retain water; they also break down the skins natural barrier which protects skin from the elements such as pollution etc. To adequately exfoliate the best way to go about it would be to use a soft exfoliant like Dermalogica’s Microfoliant or a serum. I love Aspect Dr Exfol L which is a fantastic product, best used at night before your retinol serum. Make sure you have a professional advise you on this because in some cases the combination might be too strong for sensitive skin.


6. Diet

To make up for your wicked ways when it comes to all the deliciousness you have been putting in your body, firstly, increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you are putting into your body. Also introduce some vitamins to your diet. Evening Primrose, Safflower are fantastic for skin and hair. If you aren’t getting enough Omega 3’s found in oily fish, pop a fish oil capsule or three in there as well. It is also important to increase good fat that can be found in avocado, oily fish, flaxeed, and nuts, in your diet. This helps keep skin plump and oily. Try and stay away from alcohol, coffee and excessive salt.



Other hot tips to keep skin looking a feeling great include:

– Skip toner, or at least do not use one that is alcohol based as it dries skin.

– Try to avoid too hot showers as the water is dehydrating for the skin.

– Always use a splash of cold water on the face to close pores after cleansing.

– Try to keep excess sugar at a minimum.

– Use a hydrating mask once a week.

– Try a detox early in the year, under doctor supervision of course.

All these post party beauty recovery tips should have your skin looking gorgeous in no time!

About The Author

Georgia Walsh

Georgia Walsh is a Melbourne based make-up artist, who is passionate about making women look and feel gorgeous through good practices of skincare and of course the art of makeup application. Georgia specialises in photographic, film and beauty makeup and her training and experience enables her to create a flawless look time after time.

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