Couturing headed to Beijing to attend Lenovo’s Tech World conference. As one of the biggest tech conferences in the world, Tech World presented an array of new and concept design technology products. We’ve rounded up our top 5 favourites.

Lenovo Cast

Studies have found that 80 percent of people are using tablets at home with 52 percent of them using tablets to watch TV. While doing this, they are sharing them with others in their household. Lenovo have introduced the Lenovo Cast to solve the problem created when multiple users are trying to look at the same device for content. It allows you to stream content wirelessly from your personal device to a big screen TV, meaning everyone can enjoy the latest episode of House of Cards without straining their neck.

Concept Smart Watch

Although not available on the market yet, we had to include the new Lenovo concept smart watch. Its magic view virtual screen is the stand out feature, solving the issue of a small interface limiting the watches functionality. Smart watches are hitting the market in a big way and this bad boy is set to be a game changer.

Cortana x REACHit

While not technically a gadget, the Cortana and REACHit collaboration will changed the way you search for content across any device running Windows 10 and any major cloud service. Ever tried to find photos from that holiday to Japan you took 4 years ago? Well now you will be able too, not just with the click of a button, but with voice activated software as well.


Lenovo Z41 and 15-inch Lenovo Z51 laptops

A bad boy that all types of gaming desks would be proud to hold the weight of, the new 14-inch Lenovo Z41 and 15-inch Lenovo Z51 laptops are the perfect blend of home- entertainment center and powerful workstation. The features are truly on point and desirable, offering powerful surround sound speakers, sharp video and the capability to run wifi 3 times faster than regular laptops.  The new Lenovo Z51 also features an optional Intel® RealSenseTM 3D camera. This will allow users to 3D scan objects to 3D print, play 3D games or use gestures to control the laptop. The laptops will be available in ebony black, chalk white and crimson red.

Lenovo Concept Phone

Although this phone isn’t available to purchase yet, it’s too cool not to include. The key feature is the built in projector which can project anything on the screen, including a keyboard. This means you can prop your phone up and use any surface as if you are using a computer. Smart right! This is the future of phone technology and we can’t wait till it hits the market.

Images courtesy of Lenovo

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