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I’m the first to admit I don’t know a lot about cars. If something can get me from A to B in relative comfort, then I’m happy with that. When I was offered the opportunity to experience the new Renault Clio by being chauffeured to and from the Turnbull Stakes, the first thing that cross my mind was relief that I didn’t have to make the long trek to Flemington Racecourse in heels on public transport! I jumped at the opportunity and didn’t think much more of it until a bright red Renault Clio arrived on my doorstep. The first thing that grabbed me was the sporty shape and bold red detailing which carried on from the body of the car to the alloy wheels and interior trim. I love that the back door handles were hidden away, giving the Clio the look of a sporty two door, but with the practicality of a four door (which is seriously over-rated – have you ever tried to climb into the back seat of a car in a dress?!).

As someone who has issues with spacial awareness (I’m the person who people usually point and laugh at when I’m attempting parallel parking in between two cars) the new Clio is the perfect size. Passengers can fit comfortably in the back, my shopping can fit easily in the boot, and I can tackle pretty much any parking spot with ease.


Putting looks aside, our lovely driver Tom took the time to explain to us all the exciting features. Embarrassingly, I’m not one to be impressed by specs such as the powerful engine, 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty, 5 start safety rating and low Co2 emissions, what got me about the Clio was the keyless entry, virtual aquarium (which lets you add your own assortment of marine life which you can feed) and internal sound effects which allows you to personalise the interior engine sounds so your car can sound like a V6 Clio, Clio Cup, a motorbike, a spaceship (my personal favourite!), an old-style car and the Renault Laguna. Who knew driving a car could be so fun!

Coming in 8 different colours (red, black, oyster grey (dark), mercury grey (light), white, blue, brown/bronze and yellow) the only hard decision to make will be working out which option to get!

The new Renault Clio comes in the following three options:

Clio Authentique – $16,790

Clio Expression – $17,790

Clio Dynamique – $19,790

You can visit the Renault website to find out more about the new Clio and find your nearest dealer today and book a test drive! Just be warned, it’s an easy car to fall in love with and if you don’t have one, you’ll be wondering why all cars don’t come standard with spaceship noises and virtual aquariums!

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