Finding the perfect furniture for your home can be challenging. The team at Temperature Design have the belief that no matter what your budget, space or taste, everyone should have access to beautiful furniture. Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tanya at Temperature Design to discuss how the interior industry has change over the years, what some of the latest industry trends are and to find out about the exciting new changes happening at the Melbourne Showroom.

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Temperature Design has been established in Melbourne for ten years. What changes have you seen in that time in who is searching for a unique product and design?

We have seen a shift over the past few years from the experienced/qualified designer seeking out high end design, to now also include a more informed general public looking to find “something different”. This shift is due to the increase in availability of online resources/information and television shows featuring DIY hints and tips.

What impacts do you feel the explosion of social media has helped people be inspired to make design choices and is Temperature Design harnessing this image based media?

The more people are exposed to design the more their knowledge & appreciation grows.  Social media is the perfect forum to inspire & Australians are open minded when it comes to design, so it’s a great combination. Instagram and Pinterest increased the interest in our products and conversations with both our current client base & new clients. We have now started a Facebook page to further expand our communication & we hope to inspire people to continuously improve their environments through design.

As well as Temperature Design’s own range the company is the exclusive distributor for ercol which was established in the UK in the 1920’s. What are the features of ercol that keeps it relevant today?

Ercol’s rich history and environmental approach are just a few of the reasons we love representing this family owned and run company and sharing their story. Today there is a high value placed on quality above “throw away” products. Although many of the ercol pieces we stock are design classics, they have remained relevant today. Designs constantly evolve to reflect how we live whilst continuing to reflect ercol’s quality and craftsmanship. The ercol Originals range, for example are available in painted finishes (as well as the classic timber finishes) reflecting today’s contemporary palette. Newer ranges have been developed in conjunction with leading international designers such as Paola Navone, Matthew Hilton & Russell Pinch & reflect on –trend shapes, materials, colours & finishes.

Temperature Design is well-known for its diverse range of quality furniture and accessories in architectural and design circles. How is Temperature Design becoming more accessible to the retail market?

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Melbourne and Sydney showroom extended opening to include Saturdays (starting in May) specifically to offer a select retail range (including ercol) to the general public. In addition, we will soon be activating a new online store where purchases of particularly ercol products, will be offered with delivery to the front door.

If someone visits the showroom but is not sure what pieces would be suited to their home or business what is your advice on where would you start?

Discussing the space, style and colours they are working with, and what they do and don’t like is a good start! Functionality and budget come in at a close second. Temperature Design’s own team are experts in their field and we also have an extensive database of professional highly experienced designers throughout Australia. If this level of assistance is required, our referral service can be accessed on the spot. Wondering how you can incorporate a wall mural in your interior space? Find ideas and inspiration at

Can you tell us what you see as the future trends in style and materials for the next year?

We are seeing a shift toward darker richer colour palettes with a luxe comfortable feel like walnut & mahogany and rose gold. Warmer fabrics and velvets in blues and greens mixed with painted and rich textured finishes and timbers in patterns and parquetry…sophistication and fun combined.

About The Author

Emily Filby

Emily, architect & director of Chromaticity Architecture has always loved designing. After moving to Melbourne five years ago Emily has been able to follow her passion for design and lives to inspire her clients with thoughtful and flexible concepts. She studied languages and recently travelled to Japan to gather new inspirations and enjoy the Japanese culture. Emily has worked with a diverse client base and approaches each new challenge as an opportunity to grow her appreciation for art & architecture as an essential part of everyday life.

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    • Tanya

      Temperature Design would like to thank Emily Filby and the team at Couturing for including us in your wonderful blog. We enjoyed our time with Emily and hope readers find the post informative and interesting.


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