One of the busiest fashion bloggers in the world today, Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper fame can now add Lavazza Style Consultant to her already over flowing resume after she officially took on the role for 2014. One of the most loved coffee brands in the world, Lavazza has become synonymous with fashion in Australia, regularly sponsoring the biggest fashion events on the social calendar such as VAMFF, MBFWA and the Spring Racing Carnival.

Lending her creative expertise and fashion credentials to the Lavazza brand, Warne will be involved in a number of key fashion events throughout the year. Speaking about the partnership with Warne, Lavazza National Marketing Manager Stuart Smyth said “We’re delighted about this partnership with Nicole Warne. Nicole is aspirational, yet relatable, much like the Lavazza brand. We are looking forward to working with Nicole at major events throughout the year, as well as tapping into her creativity and style as a collaborator on some exciting projects. There is good reason she attracts such a large audience.”

We caught up with Nicole to find out more about her role as Style Consultant and her thoughts on style, fashion faux pas and the perfect cup of coffee.

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Lisa Teh (LT): Congratulations on being named Style Consultant for 2014! What an exciting role! Can you tell us about how this collaboration came about and why Lavazza is a great fit for your brand?

Nicole Warne (NW): Thank you! Coffee and style are such an integral part of my daily life, as well as my journey with Gary Pepper, so the chance to work with an international brand that celebrates the best of both is very exciting.

LT: You lead a busy lifestyle, rarely in one place for long. How does coffee help you get through those long days and what’s your choice of coffee?

NW: I actually started drinking coffee when I launched Gary Pepper as an online vintage store and fashion blog, which I juggled with my studies, internships and full-time job at the time. It was an extremely busy year and with not much time for sleep, so my boyfriend convinced me to start drinking coffee and it soon became my daily routine.

It is now so engrained into my morning ritual that I can’t start my day any other way. I wake up, make breakfast and a hot cup of coffee (always a flat white or cafe creme overseas) and check my emails. It’s the one routine that brings normality to my schedule no matter where in the world I am – and it’s definitely my secret to avoiding jetlag!

LT: You’ll are here in Melbourne for VAMFF as part of your role as Style Consultant. What trends can we expect to see this AW14 season and how would you recommend working them into your wardrobe?

NW: When people ask me to define Australian style I always think we have such an innovative way of creating streamlined pieces with a focus on quality, structure and fabrications. I think we’ll see a lot of designers focusing on these qualities even more so this season as they continue to push the boundaries. My best advice is to avoid trends and invest in the classic pieces that offer versatility and longevity in your wardrobe, like a tailored blazer, pencil skirt or LBD ‘Little Black Dress’.

LT: How would you describe your style and how do you feel like it’s evolved over the years?

NW: When I was younger I would only wear vintage or second hand pieces. I was drawn to really colourful and quirky prints, shapes or textures – the louder the better I thought. But over the years I’ve matured and so has my taste. Nowadays, my style is really streamlined with a focus on classic pieces and beautiful tailoring. It’s still light, feminine and a little playful. I enjoy mixing affordable high street brands like ASOS with designer pieces, which are usually shoes and bags. For me, it’s about finding the balance between accessible and aspirational.

LT: With millions of followers watching your every fashion move around the world, are you ever worried about making a fashion faux pas?

NW: It doesn’t really cross my mind to be honest. Of course I’ve had those moments where I look back at some of my outfits and think to myself “What on earth were you thinking?” but that’s only natural, especially when you choose to document your life online. I don’t look at it as a mistake, more so as a learning curve that I’ve grown from. It’s healthy to reflect on the negatives from the past so you can appreciate the positives in the future.

LT: Australia has some amazing designers, many of whom you have featured on your blog. Who are some of your favourites and why do you love their designs?

NW: Australia is home to so many incredible designers. I feel Dion Lee constantly pushes the boundaries, whilst Toni Maticevski, Camilla and Marc and Karla Spetic reflect my refined yet feminine aesthetic. I also adore Michael Lo Sordo who has been a good friend for years now, so when I heard he was collaborating with Lavazza to design limited edition coffee cups for VAMFF this year I was so happy to finally have the opportunity to work together.

LT: Who are your style icons and why?

NW: I wouldn’t say I have particle style icons but more so eras. I adore the lady-like sophistication of the 50’s and the playfulness of the 60’s. There’s something I find so alluring about ladies who dress like ladies and don’t feel obliged to show a lot of skin to feel empowered and sexy. I draw a lot of my inspiration from vintage and the ladies who wore them.

LT: What does style mean to you?

NW: This is a hard question as I feel style is so subjective. As long as you are happy and confident in what you are wearing than that’s all that should matter. It’s not about owning the hottest it-bag or following trends, it’s about knowing who you are, expressing yourself and not caring about what other people think. The best accessory anyone can have is confidence, which luckily enough is priceless.

LT: What exciting projects can we look forward to seeing from you throughout the year as Style Consultant for Lavazza?

NW: As part of my role, I’ll be partnering with Lavazza on four of the biggest and most celebrated fashion moments in Australia, such as Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival in March, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and Mercedes Benz Weekend Edition in April, Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in August and Melbourne Cup Carnival in November. We’ll be working together on a number of creative projects and activities with more details of my role being confirmed throughout the year, so you’ll have to stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

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