It feels like just yesterday that we were bundled up in our trench coats and beanies, braving the icy Melbourne Winter and tucking into any hot meal we could get our hands on, whilst simultaneously avoiding any outside activity (i.e. exercise). And then Summer seemingly appeared overnight, and now it’s warm.  Time for us to get into shape? We think so!

Luckily, we believe there’s no time like the present to get ourselves into an optimal healthy state. So does current Miss Universe Australia, Tegan Martin, who has kindly shared her best, beauty-pageant certified health tips, along with her paleo diet tips with us. Tegan takes a simple approach to health (because who doesn’t love simplicity?), promoting small changes to diet and lifestyle to become a healthier being.

tegan_martin_miss_universe_australiaFirstly, eating less and exercising less. Wait, what? Exercising less? Apparently so! Martin believes over-exercising is a common problem, which leads us to eating more. “I find when I keep my exercise to 30 minutes a day- depending on the intensity of the workout- I get the best results,” says Martin, who alternates between walking, running, light-weights, yoga and boxing.

Secondly, replacing your daily coffee with something with a little more sustenance. Martin suggests replacing your daily coffee fix with fresh unsweetened organic cranberry juice, a shot of wheat grass, or her super secret healthy go-to – green juices. “I make sure I have at least one green juice per day. They reduce inflammation in the body and work wonders for your digestion,” says Martin.

r0_0_1200_675_w1200_h678_fmaxThirdly, adding the occasional super-food into your diet to increase long-lasting energy and to speed up the fat burning process. Martin suggests adding plenty of white fish to your diet, which is rich in vitamins and minerals and easy on the digestive system. She also uses coconut oil in the place of other oils as much as possible, which metabolises straight into energy rather than fat. “I have a tablespoon every day and have it with a slice of toasted rice loaf for a sweet treat,” says Martin. Coconut oil on toast? We’ll give it a go!

Lastly, adding daily supplements to your diet, which can aid in clearing up an enormous amount of common health problems. Martin starts her day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, which kick-starts her metabolism and aids digestion. The pageant queen also consumes chlorophyll daily (adding two tablespoons to a 1.5L bottle of water) and takes a probiotic. “I started taking progurt, which I have found has upped my energy levels, my skin in clearer, I don’t have tired eyes and I have much less bloating,” says Martin.

You might use one or more of these tips and you’ll increase your wellbeing this Summer before you know it!

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