Nothing signifies the beginning of the warmer months like the appearance of denim shorts, however the beauty of denim is its ability to emerge in multiple forms. Straight from the catwalks of Givenchy and Christopher Shannon, we have seen denim shirts, hats, jackets and dresses monopolising the creative displays. The staple piece that is denim shorts, as well as other forms of denim including skirts and overalls, are key styles this summer.

The essential point to recognise is that by simply wearing denim, it does not mean that you are pulling it off. Like everything, inappropriate lengths and sizes take a would-be stylish outfit and present you as cheap and outdated, which is unfortunately highlighted when that outfit includes denim. To avoid this image, choose denim items that are the right size for your body. Once established, Daisy Duke will have nothing on your smoldering denim attire.

Denim shorts are indisputably the crucial summer fashion accessory, however dare to wear denim in its other forms. The sleek and sexy denim vest can be worn with almost anything, from a skirt to a maxi dress. Jessica Alba’s simple ensemble of a floral maxi, neutral scarf and sleeveless denim vest creates a fresh, youthful summer look. For a little more impact, denim overalls and rompers accentuate dramatic style. These unique designs are always in rotation and, when worn with a simple white or floral tee, sandals and tote, present the perfect, carefree summer look.

Denim does not have to be restricted to the ordinary blue or black shades. This season has seen an explosion of different texture, colour and patterned denim outfits, resulting in diverse options for denim lovers. The divine brocade, flirty florals and abstract prints have become popular as they add flare to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Try mixing brocade denim shorts with a white tee shirt and sandals for a fierce summer look. Bold block stripes have also emerged as a unique denim style, a brilliant look in shirts and jeans. Remember though, horizontal lines can widen your body, whilst vertical lines will elongate it.

Denim is always a versatile and sophisticated option, particularly in the warmer months. Showing off your bronze legs in a pair of short denim shorts, and your relaxed and revitalized attitude in an oversized vest is the essence of a peaceful summer. Don’t be afraid to dive into different styles and textures, diversity in the wardrobe will help you bring glamour to life.

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