Recently, two new fabulous additions have been included into the already comprehensive Shu Uemura ‘Art of Hair’ product range. Many of you may be devotees of the ‘Art of Hair‘ range, whereas some of you may not be so familiar. For those who don’t know, Shu Uemura have been doing hair care since 2007, and yes, it is as divine as it’s makeup and skincare. The principles of ‘Art of Hair’ remain the same as when Shu Uemura first launched their cult beauty High Performance Cleansing Oil ($88) in 1967, and that is, “oil removes oil”. This concept was a rare approach at the time, but those who have tried the infamous cleansing oil know just how luxurious and effective the product is.

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In the ‘Art of Hair’ range, the three cleansing oil shampoos have the highest quantity of oil of all the products and offer the “deepest yet most gentle cleansing of the scalp and hair”. Other standout Shu Uemura hair products include the Essence Absolue Oil ($60) and my personal favourite it’s Essence Absolue Oil-In-Cream ($66) version for those who need maximum absorption. Shu Uemura’s ‘Art of Hair’, styling products are also industry leaders and worth their hefty price tags. Cotton Uzu Defining Flexible Cream ($38) defines and adds texture without leaving a trace of residue, whilst Ample Angora’s Foam Texture adds volume to fine hair whilst leaving hair looking healthy and natural without the crunch. The brands formulas and concepts are glimpses into a future that has arrived already!

What’s next includes two new products designed for men and women who suffer for oily or dandruff prone hair. The Clarifying Astringent Cleanser ($72) is an oil based shampoo which, due to it’s high astringent quality, removes impurities and build up in the hair, whilst actually reducing the production of sebum which causes oily hair. The Clarifying Astringent Cleanser utilises Yuzu Citrus sourced from Mt Fuji to purify hair and help to rebalance the scalp from over production of oil.

The Anti-Dandruff Soothing Cleanser is the first oil based shampoo used to treat dandruff. The formula detoxify’s the scalp and using Shiso Extract, which is a Japanese plant known for it’s anti-inflammatory purposes, the oils soothe the irritated scalp and helps to rebalance hair with a long lasting effect.

All the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil shampoos are silicone and paraben free and each formula is uniquely designed with the most precious ingredients to not only create the most beautiful hair possible, but to create an all over magical sensory experience.

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