Auburn, a suburb just off Hawthorn’s eastern fringe that reveals another gem in the crown of Melbourne’s east.

If you arrive via train to Auburn Station, you would be forgiven for thinking that this eastern suburb may leave you wanting as you navigate through the thoroughfare, past the sanitising wafts from the laundrette – but once you step out onto cosmopolitan Auburn Road, you are soon washed clean of your preconceptions.

peon 05

We begin our journey at fragrant Peony Haute Parfumerie where you will reap the benefits of owner Jill Timm’s passion for artisan perfumes which has been explored, developed and refined over the decade that her beautiful store has been open.

Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil


Here you step not only into an extensive range of brands including Rodin Olio Lusso (‘luxury oil’ in Italian), you begin the journey to find your fragrance that Jill will be more than happy to guide you on.

Peony Haute Parfumerie
107 Auburn Road, Hawthorn 3122


Feeling suitably invigorated by heady perfume, take a little toddle down the road until you find the delightful French-inspired window belonging to Plain and Simple.

Plain and Simple 02

Enjoy a coffee from the vibrant shop attendant and take a seat at one of the tables dotted amongst the wares. The ceiling is draped with fabric and creates a very cosy ambience; it conjures up memories of a Montmartre boutique in the streets behind SacréCœur Basilica. 

On offer are products for body and bath – shampoo and conditioner in elegant paint tubes, ‘duck egg’ soaps and Bon Voyage Kits. Their candles are made from palm oil free soy, which means they’re the perfect gift for yourself or an ethically minded friend.

Plain and Simple 10

Owner Rebecca Sheehy is proud that the majority of these très chic products are Australian Made in their Tullamarine factory, including their hand-dyed Jute String (German for ‘hessian’ string).

Drop by for a coffee and a chat, a feast for your eyes or beautiful locally made products.

Plain and Simple
121 Auburn Road, Hawthorn 3122


Sprout 10

Right next door you will find Sprout Health Store and Organic Grocer which covers your coffee, lunch, organic fruit and veg, supplements and vitamin needs. There is an impressive offering of products from Co Yo to Beet Juice, from gluten-free pasta to paleo chocolate.

Sprout 01

Whole turmeric was a welcomed surprise to their vegetable offering. Worthy of note are the bulk-buys of goji berries and activated nuts, along with a great selection of dairy-free milks and juices.  You will find the owner, Neel, milling about and chatting to customers about the different products and options available, in general the staff are happy and helpful!

Sprout Health Store and Organic Grocer
123 Auburn Road, Hawthorn 3122     

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 9.18.55 PM

For lovers of fashion, you can’t go past Swoon, a boutique specialising in a carefully curated selection of emerging and established designers. Founded by Brahman Perera and Keegan Hunt, designers themselves, Swoon is the perfect destination for those seeking something unique.

109 Auburn Road, Hawthorn 3122