They say that necessity is the mother of invention. So when Dutch designer Roderick Vos opened his new office, he noticed a few immediate problems. The lack of floor space, and the need for a plant interior. So a creative and futuristic solution was born.

The hanging plant pots feature two pots that have been fused together and then installed with LED lighting. A reinforced electrical cable is then used to hang the lights from the ceiling. Voila, an electrical plant interior fusion called the Bucketlight.

When looking for novel solutions for power, to eliminate running and messy looking cables, designer Roderick Vos further modified each Bucketlight to feature a connection to a power supply, transforming it into it’s own power source. Say goodbye to tangled cords! This new variable, called the Powercube, features an additional multi plug adaptor which can be connected via a 1.5m connection cable.

Giving us another reason to envy the timeless and minimalist style of Dutch, the Bucketlight and Powercube variation are used in the ultimate plant interior in the designers studio space in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

The lights are available here on the Roderick Vos online store, however don’t hold your breath to own them anytime soon as they are priced at the very affordable €1,900/light.

A new Chanel bag or Bucketlight? The choice is clear.


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