As we approach the #BestSeasonEver, many are opting to go on cleanses, diets, health routines and joining the gym in order to achieve that perfect summer look. I, for one, have been speaking of joining a gym, however, have not quite made the less than 1km walk over to Fitness First to sign those membership forms. I have always, however, been attempting to keep ‘healthy’ from the inside out.

We’ve all seen the Swisse multi-vitamin ads with the fit Olympic medalists swimming, running, and cycling around Big Ben in London. Let’s face it, I’m no Olympic medalist. But if you know me well, you would know that I love my Swisse products.

But how to know which are the best? We’ve all read the papers and seen the documentaries about how taking vitamins doesn’t necessarily have as many benefits as we thought and I have to say, I agree. I once took Vitamin C tablets only to find out that my body didn’t need it and caused me to have a terrifying skin breakout.

Luckily, Swisse specialises in products that help refresh and revitalise your body rather than simply adding extra vitamins and minerals to your bloodstream.


So here is my best non-scientific, non-referenced analysis on my personal Swisse recommendations:

1. Chlorophyll+

Don’t be put off by its name. My secret to feeling good internally is this. Chlorophyll is a natural supplement extracted from the green pigmentation plants that is used widely in sarms for sale. It is highly alkaline, which means it can help in breaking down acidic, processed foods. It supports detoxing the body, helping cleanse and keeping you feeling healthy and energized right from the inside. I never go a day without it – I just simply feel better.

2. Hair, Nails & Skin 

Swisse’s ‘Hair, Nails & Skin’ is magical. When I was going 8 shades lighter to dye my hair, I was told I would have to come back for a second session due to the amount of damage it would do to my locks. But to my utter appreciation and gratefulness, it was over in just 8 hours because my hair follicles were so strong from the supplements I was taking. I’ll admit my skin and nails were also in pristine condition #totesamaze.

3. Sleep

No, not literal sleep. Well yes, but that’s not the sleep I was talking about. I’m talking about the magical little herbal tablets that have an awfully pungent smell, but knock you out like a log. If you’re a light sleeper and you often wake up in the middle of the night, these are a great natural supplement to help you get some better rest. Remember, nobody pulls off the sleepy, bags-under-eyes look.

4. Calcium + Vitamin D

Everybody needs Calcium and it’s safe to say that nobody wants osteoporosis when they are older. And if you’re like me and have a Vitamin D deficiency and also don’t want to overdose on dairy product, this is like killing two birds with one stone. Vitamin D also helps your Calcium absorption and has been said to aid in preventing cancer.

5. Inner Balance

The title says it all. This supplement is full of probiotics, the stuff you find a small amount of in healthy yoghurt, also known as ‘good bacteria’. It helps support your digestive system and a healthy immune system, making you balanced from the inside out.

Of course, taking a concentrated supplement isn’t going to change your life and your health. You must remember that healthy eating habits combined with a good weekly exercise regime is the best possible way to keep yourself feeling great this season. The supplements are there to support your lifestyle, but certainly not run it!

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Anne Hasegawa

Anne is the fashion editor at Couturing. A Melbourne born, internationally bred girl with a passion for all things creative, she is also a hobbie photographer and explorer when she's not trapped in her reverie of dreams and visions. A creative wunderkind who is as intense as Yayoi Kusama's installations, Anne dreams of Mancini's Moon River and one day hopes to live in her own Golightly loft.

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