Couturing brings you an infusion of PINK this month for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As ambassadors of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, we believe that it is of utmost importance to show our support towards the NBCAM and raise awareness amongst all of our readers.


38 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday in Australia, with eight of them losing their battle each day. In 1985, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded in order to increase awareness of the disease, raise funds and support those who are affected by breast cancer.


It is not only the underlying fear from the disease but also the immense loss and grief experienced through these difficult battles that have prompted the citizens of Australia to fight for breast cancer awareness.



The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading research non-profit organisation for breast cancer in Australia, aiming to improve the outcomes of women who are affected by the disease. Established in 1994, the organisation has significantly raised awareness of the disease and a decrease in the rate of deaths from breast cancer has become apparent.


Recently, the organisation has become focused on achieving one goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. Although the goal may sound unrealistic to some, former Regional Development Executive (VICTORIA) of the NBCF, Danielle Cookesley, is firm with the organisation’s claim.


“In 1994…four in ten women diagnosed with breast cancer, died from breast cancer. In just 20 years that figure has been reduced to just over one in ten. Zero deaths from breast cancer is a realistic goal.”


Research is the first and foremost focus at the NBCF, with the organization currently funding four $5 million Collaborative Grants, bringing together up to ten different research groups from across the nation as well as across the globe.


Although the goal does not necessarily mean a cure, the NBCF hosts numerous awareness campaigns and events, alongside other cancer organisations and government campaigns, in order to raise awareness and encourage early detection in patients.


This month, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is hosting multiple awareness events such as the Pink Ribbon Breakfast and the Global Illumination Gala, sponsored by Estee Lauder – a top ambassador in the breast cancer research funding. Scattered amongst the month are other events by the Cancer Council and the McGrath Foundation, who also contribute largely to raising awareness.


Research has given new knowledge in all areas of breast cancer that has enabled further understanding of the disease and thus, development in targeted treatments. It has also aided in the diagnosis of the disease; early detection through mammograms and breast screenings. All of these factors, and more, come together in an encouraging attempt to prevent such an illness.


Such a success is sure to bring thousands of more smiles on faces and would mean a significant paradigm shift for the nation.


With 18 years still ahead of them, the National Breast Cancer Foundation still has a long way to go. But with the rates of death from breast cancer falling and the early detection rates rising, the results are looking encouraging for the organisation as well as for the entire country.


So join in this month and show your support! Host your own Pink Ribbon Breakfast, buy a ticket to the Gala, have a Girl’s Night In. Toss in your loose change and raise awareness.



Because every step forward is closer to a cure.

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