The holiday season is a time to spend with friends and family…and almost always involves some kind of travel. Whether you’re dashing off on a quick flight home, or settling in for the long haul, we’ve rounded up the essentials you need to embrace your inner Victoria Beckham and trreat the terminal as a different kind of runway.


L to R: Coach 'Crosby carryall', Mimco 'Mim Supernatural' tote, Oroton 'Alpine Tassle' tote

L to R: Coach ‘Crosby carryall’, Mimco ‘Mim Supernatural’ tote, Oroton ‘Alpine Tassle’ tote

Magazines, headphones, wallet…it all adds up! Rather than spread everything over hand luggage and a handbag, opt for a oversized tote for all your essentials. We love the Crosby carryall from Coach, Mimco’s ‘Mim Supernatural’ tote and Oroton’s ‘Alpine Tassle’ tote to add a touch of style to a very practical solution.


There’s nothing chicer than white linen in the summer, but unfortunately, it is not a fabric that maintains its stylishness on a flight. To save yourself from looking like you slept in your outfit, opt for jersey basics in a neutral palate. Not only is the stretch of the fabric a guarantee for a comfortable flight, it also makes sure that there will be no wrinkles once you get to your destination.


Chanel Day, Night, Weekend skincare range

Chanel Day, Night, Weekend skincare range

It’s no secret that travelling can wreck havoc on your skin, so it’s especially important to make sure that you take extra care to make sure you have a party ready, clear, healthy complexion. Collections like Chanel’s Le Jour, La Nuit, and Le Weekend are brilliant to travel with, making sure your skin gets all the nutrients it needs no matter which Timezone you’re in.


L to R: Witchery 'Amelia' flat, Seed Heritage 'Cross Over' Espadrille slides, Wittner 'Wendelle' flat

L to R: Witchery ‘Amelia’ flat, Seed Heritage ‘Cross Over’ Espadrille slides, Wittner ‘Wendelle’ flat

While the fashion jetsetters are never caught without their heels, but if you can’t committ to a stiletto, you can remain stylish but comfortable in this season’s range of flats. We love Witchery’s ‘Amelia’ flat for injecting a little personality in a travel look, and both Seed Heritage and Wittner offer practical but on-trend pieces.



Travelling, flying especially, is dehydrating business. Pressurised air, lots of caffeine, and in-flight wine all work against your body ( and if you’re flying overseas, adds to your jet lag). To counteract this, make sure to carry a big bottle of H2O. If it looks as good as the minimalistic Voss bottle, why wouldn’t you want to carry it?!