Australia’s number one selling natural skincare brand, Sukin, have partnered with local health expert Bianca Cheah. Most known as the founder and Manging Director of, Bianca now adds this new role as Sukin‘s Brand Ambassador to her portfolio.


Sukin‘s founder, Simon O’Connor, saw the partnership as a natural fit, calling Bianca “a glowing example of an Australian woman leading a healthy, outdoors lifestyle. Bianca embodies the Sukin customer in every way and we’re thrilled to be working with her through our new #IAMSUKIN campaign.”


To launch the #IAMSUKIN campaign, Bianca was photographed on Sydney’s beautiful Coogee Beach by Margaret Zhang. We had the opportunity to interview Bianca to pick up her health and lifestyle tips, and to find out why she chose to become a part of the Sukin family.


Congratulations on becoming the ambassador for Sukin. Tell us how this came about and what is it like being Sukin‘s ambassador?

Thank you! Well I’ve always loved Sukin and used their products so when they approached me to be their ambassador it was a given. We have so many synergies together. I love what the brand represents – their product is sustainable, recyclable, eco-friendly, natural and also so affordable.


The campaign shots are amazing. Where did you shoot it and what was it like working with Margaret Zhang to create the campaign?

Thank you! Yes the shots are beautiful. But it does help when I have a good skincare regime. We shot the campaign down at Coogee Beach. Margaret is a star to work with. She’s so precise and creative and that’s what makes her photography stand out so much.


Which Sukin products do you use as part of your skincare regime and why?

I am a fan of the Sukin Facial Scrub, the Moisture Restoring Night Cream, the Rose Hip Oil and the Micellar Water. They all have their own purpose and compliment each other in my skincare routine; to cleanse, moisterise, exfoliate and soothe.



Are there any must-have products from the range?

I’ll always have the Botanical Body Wash in my shower. Not only does it smell ah-mazing but the wash is so gentle on my skin that I feel like I’ve stepped out of the shower moisturised and smelling fresh.


What are your Top 3 tips for maintaining healthy skin?

– Cleanse morning and night with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type. And if you’re wearing makeup, then after you’ve cleansed, gently wipe a cotton pad full of Micellar Water over the skin to give it an extra cleanse.

– Exfoliate a few times per week. This sloughs away the dead skin cells so your new skin cells can come through. Which means… hello glowing skin.

– Moisturise for your skin type. So many people diagnose their skin type wrong, hence use the wrong products for their skin. It’s really important to know your skin type and use the skincare for it. And when you moisturise, massage your skin in upward strokes to promote skin suppleness.



As we head into summer do you have any health tips for our readers?

– Fuel your body with clean fresh foods. Your body will love you right back.

– Limit your alcohol intake and drink more water to cleanse your body.

– Aim to get outdoors and active at least 3-4 times per week, and work up a sweat! As we head into summer, it’s best to start toning the body to get shape and definition.

– Try cardio or toning yoga; that’s what I do. You won’t look back!


To find out more, please visit and Get involved with Sukin and Bianca on social media by tagging #IAMSUKIN

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