With the resurgence of 90s fashion hitting fever pitch, Melbourne-based sisters Erin and Laura Bateman are capitalising on the world’s love for a great silk slip. Finding a gap in the market for truly beautiful quality silk, Erin and Laura felt compelled to launch BOY is MINE- a label specialising in silk pieces and fusing trend driven looks with a feeling of timelessness. We chatted to the talented design duo about their fashion backgrounds, what it’s like working with family and what we can expect to see next from BOY is MINE the label.

Could you start by telling us a bit about your backgrounds? Was fashion something you’d always had an interest in?

Growing up, we were both very much encouraged by our mum to be as creative as possible. She is a very talented seamstress and pattern maker and always had us doing creative projects as much as possible. Our mum is very much involved with the business and is our maker with so many styles to date. With her influence it was no surprise both of us got into fashion.

The pair of you have designed phone cases before and they always had a fashion influence. What inspired you to make the move from fashion accessories to clothing?

Hai Hai was so much fun and a great hobby and introduction to running our own business. We learnt so much in that process of making our own product to launching our first website. We wanted to take everything we learnt from Hai Hai and apply it to our main passion – which was always the launch of a family run fashion label.

What made you want to work specifically with silk?

Silk came hand in hand with the primary product we wanted to develop with Boy Is Mine. We had trouble finding beautifully made, luxurious basics without a massive price tag – this was our initial inspiration for the brand.

Growing up, had you ever imagined that you’d be running a business together one day?

We always had an eye for fashion and textiles but running our own business is something we have had to work at very hard. Erin is very business savvy and has a natural ability to problem solve – something that comes from years of retail management.

How do your personal styles differ, and what are the challenges do those differences present when it comes to designing?

We are lucky we are both quite similar when it comes to personal style so not a lot of problems arise during the design process. We often like the same garments and styling so we have a shared vision of what we want to achieve with new product. Erin is definitely more fashion forward and enjoys high fashion feminine aesthetic, whereas Laura is more artistic and textiles focused. We appreciate and work to both of our strengths so it’s nice to have a united idea of design and where we can both express our ideas.

You are both naturals when it comes to design and styling, but what have been the challenges of running a business? Did you learn any lessons in establishing Hai Hai that have translated over to Boy Is Mine?

Running a start up business definitely has its challenges, we have learnt the basics through hai hai, but we are certainly not experts yet. We are constantly researching  and adapting our business plan using trial and error to see what is most effective for us and what translates to our customers. 

We’re seeing a real resurgence of 90s trends at the moment, and silk slips fall seamlessly in line with that. Are there any other trends we should be keeping an eye out for this season?

We are obviously big fans of the nineties trend making a comeback! We are also loving super feminine silhouettes paired with ruffles and ties. Following trends is great for inspiration however we are careful to ensure our product is wearable and timeless. 

Since the inception of Boy Is Mine only a few months ago, you’ve expanded your range from slips to separates. With the collection growing so rapidly, what can we expect to see next from the label? 

Silks basics were a great starting point and definitely have a place in many women’s wardrobes. Our goal is to incorporate must have basics with some high fashion pieces, and developing entire collections. Stay tuned!

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