Swathes of Chantilly lace, silk organza and taffeta tulle fill the sunlit room, while diamantes glint from sweetheart necklines and pearls cascade across lacy gowns.

Surrounded by this vestal decadence, bridal-wear designer and TV personality Henry Roth strikes a dapper contrast in a suave charcoal suit with a welcoming smile on his face.


In Melbourne just for the weekend before jetting off to Queensland for the final part of his “Frock Around Australia” tour, Roth met with Couturing to discuss the modern bride and the Henry Roth vision.




Camille: Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with Couturing. Can you tell us a little about the Henry Roth aesthetic?


Henry: We provide gorgeous bridal runway looks with an emphasis on dollars and “sense”, construction and fit, and loads of attitude.


Our inspiration is drawn from the brides-to-be – for the bride in Coffs Harbour, for the bride in a loft in Manhattan, for the bride in Fitzroy in Melbourne – that’s our inspiration. It’s as broad as the beach and garden to black tie and ballroom.



Camille: You’ve brought your styling consultation service to Australia as part of “Frock Around Australia”, what has the response been?


We’ve been to Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Canberra, Dandenong and now we’re off to the Gold Coast, and so far there has not been a single bride that we haven’t been able to cater to. It’s been amazing, a really rewarding experience.


We think it’s really important to personalise the experience at Henry Roth. As well as holding these Designer Days for direct consultation, I’m always available to troubleshoot or answer questions via Twitter, Facebook, email, or my personal mobile. That’s a really important part of the service we offer.


Camille: The latest Henry Roth bridal wear collection is named “Manhattan: Too Hot To Handle”, what is the concept behind the name?


It reflects a very irreverent, tongue-in-cheek sense of fun; featuring smouldering, vintage looks with a lot of lace. Everything about it is basically 21stCentury princess bride, it’s contemporary but with a vintage feeling.


We also just shot the campaigns in Australia for “Vintage Bridesmaids Discover Cuba” which is a lot of fun and colour, and “Contessa 1944” which has more of a garden wedding theme.




Camille: What is your styling advice for brides, once they’ve picked the perfect dress?


It’s important to know when to stop. It’s about the gown, and just one or two pieces of signature jewellery; striking simplicity is key.



Camille: Do you have any styling tips for the groom?


Deep navy is the new black. Clean, simple, ‘60s-inspired suits are the new double-breasted suits and white shirts are the new white shirt.


If you decide to rent a suit, purchase a statement piece like a tie or cufflinks to make it your own.



Camille: The perfect wedding is something so many girls start planning from a young age – is there still an element of the fairy wonderland in the modern wedding?


This is the modern day 21st century princess. It’s less about the fairytale and more about looking absolutely to die for!


At Henry Roth, we want our brides to feel out of this world gorgeous, sensational, stunning, sexy and ready to get married.




There is something about the swish of taffeta, the decadent fabrics with exquisite beading and lace that can sweep you into a white wonderland of wedding whimsy. Add to that the enthusiasm Roth exudes for his work and you can see why the Henry Roth brand is one loved and trusted by brides all over the world.












Images by Camille Gower


Images by Camille Gower


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