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Humming Puppy is no ordinary yoga studio. I’m not saying it’s unlike any other yoga studio because it does one type of yoga versus another, but it’s an illuminating experience that enhances your senses with a hum.

Founders, Jackie Alexander and Chris Koch, have designed a luxurious and sacred place to practice yoga but have looked at an alternative twist to enhance the yoga experience. The Humming Puppy’s studio has been designed with a frequency of 40hz, or hum as they like to call it, infused into the space. Audio engineers ARUP, who are responsible for projects such as the Melbourne Recital Centre and Oslo Opera House, injected the space with a 40hz hum to enhance the frequencies that resonate within the studio.

Co-founder Jackie Alexander says the introduction of the hum into the space helps to enhance and deepen the experience of yoga. “Being submersed in this frequency helps you to naturally produce a matching frequency through a process of entrainment, to help you ‘tune’ during practice. We use a frequency of 40hz, which is specifically associated with Gamma brain wave activity. Gamma brain wave activity is associated with states of peak performance and can be noticed in elite athletes, top-notch musicians and high achievers.” Jackie says.

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When you first walk into the studio, the first thing you notice is the hum. It’s a strange feeling and whilst it’s not uncomfortable, you notice the low hum in the studio at the beginning. It’s a gentle hum and after a while as you progress through the class, the hum just melts into the background as you focus on your breathing and yoga moves. I actually felt quite relaxed and centred which is something I found very interesting given my mind is always racing at a million miles an hour.

The class itself is based on Humming Puppy’s ethos of movement, breath and mindfulness, challenging and calming the body and mind. It was a fantastic session with Jackie leading the class in some traditional yoga moves with options available for the novice to the more experienced yoga participant. I really enjoyed the session and the experience of participating in an environment that helped to really calm my mind and relax my body, it is something I’m excited to go back and do again.

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Humming Puppy is a luxurious and beautifully designed studio that provides the ultimate yoga experience for every client that visits – the entrance and waiting area is refined and sleek in design, and the bathrooms are equally luxurious in design but functional. Towels and lockers are available and Humming Puppy provide all the yoga mats so you don’t have to bring anything to the studio except yourself.

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your exercise or life regime, then Humming Puppy might just be what you’re looking for. With special intro offers for first timers, why not try something just a bit different. The dividends are pretty good.

Humming Puppy is located at 2/22 Cecil Place, Prahran VIC 3181.

For more information on classes and prices visit

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