In 2004, H&M launched their first collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld as a one-off designer collection. Now, over a decade later, the brand have partnered with Balmain, adding the French powerhouse to their decade deep high-end designer collaboration series that’s sold out across the globe and with no end in sight for this almost annual tradition. Why fix what ain’t broke right?

The high street brand has really championed the advice of having friends in high places. From Isabel Marant to Roberto Cavalli, their contact list rivals the schedule of any international fashion week or maybe just the highly coveted Kardashian-West closet. These collaborations have brought high luxury, couture brands to the masses. No longer do designer labels have to remain an object of dreams for regular fashion enthusiasts of the world. The pieces adorning inspiration boards everywhere may actually be in with a chance to hang in our wardrobes, no ungodly sacrifice like giving up your tri-weekly brunches necessary.

Last year saw H&M joined forces with the fashion giant, Alexander Wang. The hype surrounding this collaboration was resounding. Eager customers lined up outside stores for days before the product launch in hopes of becoming proud owners of the highly anticipated collection. With its sport luxe feel and ease of wear, the pieces had mass appeal and sold out almost immediately.

This year, it seems H&M are looking to showcase a more glamorous collection. The recent Billboard Music Awards provided the stage for the announcement that Balmain will be the next designer to work alongside the brand. Creative Director, Oliver Rousteing, and model friends, Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner all wore pieces from the impending collection as a teaser into what’s to come this November. The pieces had the same air of couture and craftsmanship typical of the Balmain House so H&M customers will get a true taste of the high luxury Parisian label.

Rousteing is determined to share his vision with the world and create a more diverse market for his designs, particularly aiming to gain a wider reach within his own generation. It seems the exclusive Balmain Army of celebrities is coming to an end as the label, using H&M as a platform, attempts to create a nation through uniting the fashion masses. With the hashtag #HMBALMAINATION already trending across social media, it looks as if voluntary enlistment is set to rise and, if the uniform looks that good, you can count me in!

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