When it comes to your skin care routine, a lot of us spare no expense. You’ll buy the latest and greatest your budget allows and enforce the routine religiously every morning and night (or at least we mean to, right?). But what about the skin that is not on your face? The skin that we just slap on a bit of generic body butter and it does the trick. What about the skin that covers 90% of your body!!? It ages just like the skin on your face, right? So why have we not been taking care of it as we do our faces?


Enter Radical Firming Body Multi-Repair ($112) an anti-ageing, multi-action creme. Don’t baulk at the price. It is what it says it is, and it’s worth it’s weight in gold (if you ever plan on wearing shorts over the age of 35).

This creme is a body serum and moisturiser in one. This means that the ingredients are more potent and more active, so you’ll see greater results for your dollar. The creme has a higher grade of anti-ageing properties than any body creme I have tried. I noticed hydration instantly. Skin felt plumper and more firm over continuous use and hydration levels retained even after forgetting to pop it on a few days in a row. The hydration you will experience is not just on a surface level. This creme uses Trylacel Technology which is a patented technology that incorporates extremely potent antioxidants, with a repair complex and calming agents, encapsulated in a Lipid Bi Layer Membrane. Translated, this means that the extremely potent anti-ageing ingredients are packed into a little membrane (bubble) that acts as a delivery system for the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and activate. This product will help improve the tone and texture of the skin on the body, whilst slowing down the ageing process.

Use of ingredients like Horse Chesnut, Vitamin E, coffee help with water retention and cellulite, whilst seaweed helps to brighten and create more youthful looking skin. Skin density is also reported to improve by 39% during use.

I love the fact that this product give you instant gratification. It goes on really smoothly and sinks in straight away. However that is only the half of it. This product does increase firmness and elasticity of the skin, and I love anything that helps smooth out those problem areas, especially as summer is around the corner. radical firming


The Radical Firming Body Multi-Repair Creme is available for purchase at Mecca Cosmetica www.mecca.com.au

For more information visit www.radicalskincare.com



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