We have spent more than half a billion dollars paying for what should be a fundamental human right. Water has become an overpriced commodity with the bottled water industry earning over 622 million dollars in revenue over the past five years. If CEO’s of large corporations like Nestle seek to privatize water out of their own greed, then this revenue will only continue to grow.

Companies have been pedaling clean water at an extortionate price with no appeal other than clever marketing tactics. Embarrassingly enough, until now we’ve been willing to fork out the cash for a bottle of water. This consumer mentality has resulted in industry experts of large companies reporting that their bottled water sales will overtake their soft drink sales within the next decade. Free is Better is the change we desperately need.

This movement will change the way we consume bottled water and ultimately encouraging a new way of thinking. A recent feature on channel Ten’s The Project, Free is Better founders Alex Chen, Caleb Ha, Hwi So and William Yau seek to gain traction for their innovation and need your support.

Free is Better appeals to a new generation of consumers. They’re the trendsetting consumers, those who appreciate a niche and are prepared to spread the word. Free is Better is for generation Y, the leaders of contemporary youth culture.  With the help of you Free is Better will be able to generate a greater brand awareness, increase their number of stockists and sponsors as well as grow their overall social media following.

Give Free is Better the recognition it deserves and help them provide you with free bottled water by getting on board and joining their social media campaign. Simply upload a photo on to their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter handle of where you’d like to see Free Is Better bottles in your neck of the woods. Add  #freeisbetter and they’ll make sure they deliver the goods. Free is Better is determined to provide free bottled water for good and they can only do it with your help.

Free is Better aims to make a lasting statement with their product. Their innovation is not only different but also realistic providing consumers with a viable solution and a new way of thinking.

Free Is Better is changing the game.

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