On Friday evening at Windsor, Stephanie Malatino and Elsje Jordan of Melbourne-based label, ELandTINO hosted an intimate showcase at DINO’s to celebrate the release of TI VOGLIO BENE, their limited edition collection of alternative evening wear.  Guests were treated to organic goat cheese that complemented the complimentary Sutton Grange wines and cider from the private bar, while perusing the racks of embroidered tops, high-slit skirts and gowns.

 The atmosphere was calm and serene, with tea candles softly lighting the dark décor of the private function room. Big monochromatic illustrations of peculiar characters by artist Rona Green punctuated the walls, giving the venue an eclectic vibe.

The highlight of the night was the première of ‘BIG ALICE’, a short campaign film of the TI VOGLIO BENE collection which was the result of a collaboration with creatives from Melbourne, such as photographer Kristian Dowling, Vladimir S. Barski, Studio 941 and many more. Albert Groeni played the accompany soundtrack live as guests were enthralled with the dreamy visuals.

ELandTINO incorporated the dark elements of design that Melbournians are so fond of, with several tops and dresses in black and blue velvet and lace. Together with draping and ruching, their floor length gowns were a mix of glamour and grunge. As an alternative to heavy dinner jackets, long translucent dress robes were present, covering the shoulders with delicate, sheer lace patterns.

 Keeping with their handmade aesthetic and limited edition pieces, the girls also created accessories as part of their collection. Long necklaces made of metal chains were draped to resemble a the shape of a spider web. Some pieces were adorned with ruching around the neck, as well as long, thin strips of red fabric that criss-crossed with the metal chains creating an interesting element to the collection.

ELandTINO is currently sold at LUPA, but their collection is scheduled for pre-sale on Chandelier Rose Online Independent Boutique. Keep updated through their Facebook page or website, ELandTINO.com

Images courtesy of ELandTINO and CLiQ PHOTOGRAPHY.

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