The tale of Donkey Skin recounts that of a princess who asks of her king: a dress more brilliant than the sun, one more translucent than the moon and one fashioned out a skin of a donkey.

The Fame Agenda 2013 Resort Collection, inspired by the Charles Perrault literary work and the Russian fairytale of Sadko – a story of a simple dulcimer player who falls in love with the river Volkhov, was celebrated accordingly. Guests wandered along the grassy carpet and into the Melbourne Central boutique, sipping Azahara Moscato and supping on red velvet and chocolate mud cupcakes from Cupcake Central. The line at the register snaked past the goldfish, which floated on a mini bar of sour watermelons and cloudy marshmallows, almost indistinguishable from the Golden Fish prints featured in the collection. The first forty customers received an ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment with their purchase; it was truly a buying and styling event not to be missed.


The evening has hosted by Jess Dempsey of WHAT WOULD KARL DO. The online darling of the Melbournian fashion scene is even more beautiful in person, charismatic as she selects her favorite pieces from the collection and dispenses fashion advice to the guests. Also in attendance were the ineffable Phoebe from Lady Melbourne and Teresa and Bronte from Lion Lion Bazaar, who claim to have singlehandedly, demolished the cupcakes.


In the sea of well-dressed attendees, this man in a grasshopper green blazer was unanimously declared best dressed.


The creative tour de force behind this fairytale collection, industry expert Monica Lim and designer extraordinaire Holly Chandra were also on hand to answer questions about the collection. There was even talk of the next exciting installment for this quintessential Melbourne boutique.


If you missed out on the evening’s festivities, fear not! You can visit the Fame Agenda boutique at Melbourne Central on Level 2, or check out the dreamy label online here.

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