In preparation for the Spring Racing Carnival, David Jones held their Tips and Trends workshop at the Bourke Street Mall. Hosted by David Jones Ambassador, Emma Freedman and InStyle Beauty Editor, Eleanor Pendleton, the duo revealed key race wear and beauty trends essential for a day at the track. The insightful workshop included lending personal tricks for preparation, quick fixes on the days of the races, and of course, the expectations for each specific race day in terms of appropriate attire.


There is no doubt that dresses and fashion are key to the hype of the races, but personal presentation extends past simply the clothing.


To achieve the full race day look, hair and make up also requires special attention. When dealing with the controversial ‘lips or eyes’ dilemma, Pendleton assured us that the fashion is becoming more daring. Don’t be afraid to play around with colour; this includes on your eyes – yes ladies, the 90’s trend is back!


In the days leading up to the event, do not forget to exfoliate. This will create a clear glowing complexion and a smooth base to compliment a natural spray tan if you wish to receive one. In terms of makeup, primer is essential as it provides a smooth base for which to apply your makeup and prevents it slipping off under the outdoor conditions, creating a longer lasting, flawless appearance.


As essential to the traditions of the carnival, each day differentiates itself with a strict fashion code.


Derby Day is all about black and white, with excessive colour being frowned upon. To create an individual and interesting look, Pendleton suggests playing around with textures.


For a bright and colourful day, Emirates Stakes is the perfect one to make a statement. Here, there are limited restraints on what is acceptable and what is not, leaving room for experimentation – within reason, of course.


A unique and exquisite fashion accessory, the fascinator brings excitement to style savvy every season. However the beautiful and charming qualities of the headpieces originate with the hair. Pendleton advises to utilize your natural hair texture and amplify its qualities, although keep in mind that there is no need to over complicate when donning headwear.


A simple, sleek bun or ponytail is a sophisticated look that will remain intact and manageable throughout the day, avoiding the worn out look some women experience as a result of the outdoor elements. If you are unsure of what to do with your locks, Freedman recommends taking your fascinator or hat to the hairdressers and asking them to position headpiece on your head for you.


To avoid minor stresses, include mini hairsprays and wipes in your purse, Pendleton suggests. This will cater for flyway hair to retain a prim, pristine appearance, and of course wipes to reduce the appearance of shiny skin. And remember, wear comfortable shoes heels.


The Spring Racing Carnival is a time of celebration, and most notoriously for fashion, so why not take the opportunity to present the best possible version of yourself? With these tips and tricks in hand, there’s no reason not to enjoy the upcoming carnival in complete and utter style and elegance.