Couturing Editor Lisa Teh has teamed up with leading Australian Entrepreneur, Nick Bell, to launch Lisnic, an online platform that will connect Business Coaches and Mind Coaches (therapists and psychologists) with Mentees around the world. Mentees will be able to post a job on the platform, and Coaches from around the world will bid on the job. All sessions will be conducted through the secure, video conferencing software embedded in the platform. Coaches and Mentees will then be able to rate each other, allowing the site to be fully transparent. Mind Coaches will also be vetted prior to being approved on the site, so Mentees can be confident that they will have access to only the best coaches from around the world.

Driven by their shared passion for helping the business community, the pair believe Lisnic will change the way people find Coaches. “Having the right Coach is crucial if you want to be successful in business or your career”, says Bell, a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple digital agencies around the world. “Having the right people around me allowed me to get to where I wanted to go quicker. I want others in the business world to have the same opportunity. It also gives Business and Mind Coaches around the world, the chance to earn a bit of extra income, which is important given the current climate.”

“I’m a big advocate for focusing on your mental health”, says Teh, “and investing in mine has improved my approach to business tenfold. The site opened for early access last week, and it actually crashed because we weren’t expecting such a high level of interest! It really shows there is a huge need for people to have somewhere they can connect with someone who can transform their career.”

The platform will be suitable for people who are looking to scale their business or those looking to fast track their career.

Had to Lisnic now to register for early access to the platform.

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