Nestled amongst the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne is a hidden gem called Canterbury.  If you don’t know where Canterbury is you’re not alone.  Think north of Camberwell, south of Balwyn and west of Surrey Hills.  If you’re still lost, go due east from the city for 10 kilometres as the crow flies, and if you don’t have a crow catch a Belgrave/Lilydale train to Canterbury station.

With draw cards like, ‘Kylie Minogue’s parents live in Canterbury’ it’s a wonder that Canterbury remains unknown to everyone except the people who went to one of Canterbury’s five high schools (how such as small suburb fits in five is beyond me).


Trundle along Maling Road

Step back in time along Maling Road’s ‘Ye Olde’ style shopping village.  Do you miss the days when meat, fruit and pastries were sold in separate stores?  Well, this is the place for you.  Maling Road has a veritable smorgasbord of shops ranging from jewellery to bookshops via cafés.  If boutique shops are your thing then look no further because Maling Road is boutiquelicious.


Lunch at Alleycat Café

Found at the back of Theatre Place on Maling road, this newly opened café has a delicious assortment of baguettes, soups as well as the usual suspects.  If you’re feeling adventurous you can even grab a pizza for lunch – go wild, it’s Canterbury!

Alleycat also features some fresh sweets to cure that post lunch sugar craving.  Decked out with vintage bicycles and paraphernalia Alleycat has easily slipped into Mailing Road without missing a beat.  The picturesque bricked Theatre Place is a relaxing view from the coffee shop – or if the sun happens to turn up, the outdoor seating would be described by my Gran as ‘just lovely’.

Alleycat Cafe: 8 Theatre Place, Canterbury, 3126.


Visit Maling Road Antique Market

Like some sort of T.A.R.D.I.S. the Maling Road Antique Market is much bigger on the inside than the outside would suggest.  Walk in and lose yourself amongst a plethora or knick knacks, trinkets and objets d’art.  Marvel at how many antique teacups and saucers one building can handle.  If you can take your eyes off the treasures for a moment you will also notice that MRAM is housed inside an old theatre.

Maling Road Antique Market: 117 Maling Road, Canterbury, 3126.


Have a stroll though Canterbury Gardens

Luckily for you Canterbury is tiny, so you’ll have no trouble traversing the train line to find yourself in Canterbury Gardens.  Wedged between Canterbury station and Canterbury Road the gardens come off unscathed as a serene place for a winter’s stroll.  If you’re still hungry after stuffing your face with Maling Road delicacies why not grab a ‘minimum chips’ from Sea Breeze and munch them in the garden’s rotunda.

Canterbury Gardens: 190B Canterbury Road, Canterbury, 3126

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