It is not very often that independent theatre companies get full curatorial freedom to perform their work, their way, in a venue such as the MTC. As part of MTC’s Neon Festival of Independent Theatre, five original works by some of Australia’s finest, are being showcased over the next two months, in an effort to give them the “wings to fly”. Melbourne-based company, ‘The Hayloft Project’, is one such company embracing this freedom with their new piece, ‘By Their Own Hands’.

Based on Sophocles’ infamous Oedipal trilogy, ‘By Their Own Hands’ is a “show about story-telling” and an exploration into how we understand tragedy. Well regarded for their unique adaptations of ancient Greek texts, The Hayloft Project have embarked on an experiment of pure collaboration. Artistic Director, Anne-Louise Sarks and Artistic Associate, Benedict Hardie, devised the piece taking full control of its writing and directing; they also play the lead roles.  The decision to perform all roles is a risky one, perhaps even considered a theatre ‘faux pas’, but it has allowed the duo to work unhinged – embracing the idea that “scary is good”.

The Hayloft Project has won awards at both the Melbourne and Sydney Fringe Festivals as well as banking up six Green Room Awards over the past 3 years. Despite the risk that is involved in presenting such a show, no matter the outcome, ‘By their Own Hands’ will undoubtedly be interesting.


The season kicks off in The Lawler at MTC on the 13th of June.

13th – 23rd of June.

The Lawler, MTC.

All tickets are $25.


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