Eyes are often said to be the windows to our soul, so you don’t want those windows looking dark and scary every time you wake up! The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and prone to lines and damage, but a few simple steps can help your eyes remain soft and puff-free to ensure your peepers shine on! We’ve spoken with the team at Skin Republic who have shared their top tips with how to avoid dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Say NO to salt

While you’re winding down before bed, reduce your sodium and alcohol intake.

Cutting down on salt a few hours before bed will help to stop puffiness around your eyes the next day. Also make sure you stay hydrated well before you hit the sack to wake up with dazzling eyes. Puffiness occurs because of fluid retention; your body becomes dehydrated and can’t adequately supply water to your eye area. H2O is the way to go!



Feeling a little blue?

When we are emotional and stressed two things happen – we can get cranky and cry which causes blood flow to race to the eye area and become inflamed, and our hormone levels can shift which can cause some women excess fluid retention – two things no girl enjoys! When this happens increase your water intake and try to raise your head a little more than usual when you sleep to let excess blood and unwanted fluid drain from your eyes.



Like mother like daughter

Waking up with swollen or puffy eyes can often be genetic. Before you head to bed of a night, place two teaspoons in the fridge and in the morning take them out and gently press the bottom of the spoon under your eyes for 10 seconds. This little trick can help to reduce inflammation. Who would have thought!


Mask it up

Eye masks have a multitude of benefits for your eyes. Even if your skin is free from puffiness you should still do what you can to keep it that way! Many of us can’t be bothered with a mask but should take the time. Our face is constantly exposed to heat from the sun, showers and hairdryers, our pores open every time we work up a sweat at the gym letting in dirt and toxins, the wind dries out our skin and god knows what our pets like to leave on us when they say hello!


Every one to two weeks try Skin Republic’s Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patch to minimise puffiness and dark circles and force-feed your face the moisture it desperately needs. Keep this routine up more so on the way into the cooler months!




Remember sleep? Those 8 hours where we do nothing.

An obvious one, but one we often ignore is ensuring we get adequate sleep. Yes I know – you’re probably a workaholic and sleep isn’t a priority for you, but if you’re sick of walking around with eyes like the grim reaper, then hit the hay a little earlier. It’s not only important to ensure your eyes are bright, but sleep is also essential to good health.

However, if you think that you’re already having eye problems, go seek professional help from an ophthalmologist and then you can get your glasses on Eyeglasses Online Canada.


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