Dyson is synonymous with innovation and their mantra of “solving the problems that no one wants to” has delivered cult like products like the cyclone vacuum, stick vacuum, Supersonic hair dryers and the Airwarap curler – all products that use innovative air flow technology. Their latest offering is the Dyson Corrale, a cordless hair straightener. Now you might be wondering, was the hair straightener something that needed to be revisited and could it be made better? Hair straighteners straighten hair, it’s a pretty easy proposition right? That was my thinking going into trialing the Corrale. How much different could it be from the straightener I already have?  Surprisingly the answer to that question is, it’s a lot different.


The technology behind the Corrale

The innovation behind the Corrale is the flexible manganese copper alloy plates. These plates have been designed to flex and adapt to the thickness of the hair, gather it neatly together to create the tension as you move the plates down your hair and spread the heat evenly through the hair. It’s a unique design and combined with the other innovative elements delivers the Corrale difference.

The Corrale features three temperature settings (165, 185 and 210, although the latter is recommended for people with super coarse and frizzy hair) and intelligent heat control to ensure the temperature doesn’t deviate from the set temperature. This is super important to help prevent hair damage and maintain the health of the hair. Dyson says that the intelligent heat control can help to reduce 50% of hair damage which is a welcome improvement to its competitors. The digital display notifies you when the Corrale has reached your desired temperature and is ready to use. It heats up super quick which is helpful when you’re in a hurry to quickly style your hair.

Finally the Corrale features a lithium battery which allows the styling tool to be cordless. The battery delivers the same level of performance as if it were plugged in to the electrical socket.  The charger is ultra sleek and takes 70 minutes to fully charge. It allows 30 minutes of cordless styling time without sacrificing on heat performance and usability. It also features a flight mode meaning you can take this onboard aircrafts when travelling, allowing a quick touch up upon landing which makes it a great on-the-go styling tool. The digital display helps to identify your battery charge and notifies you of the temperature which is nifty to help manage using your Corrale.

Did I love it?

Well, like that famous saying says, ‘it’s about the journey not the destination’. Yes I can use other styling tools to straighten and curl my hair, but the Corrale differentiated itself from the sheer ease of use, as well as how my hair looked and felt after using it.

Being free of the electrical cord was something that I didn’t know I’d love to so much. It gives me the freedom to move the straightener to create waves in a way that I hadn’t really experienced with other straighteners. When I am done with it, I just pop it back on the charger for the next use. Previously when I couldn’t be bothered doing my hair, I just didn’t because of the effort. But I have found that because Corrale is so easy to use, I now style my hair more often.

I also love how the flexing plates help to keep your hair together as you move through the length of it. This helps to distribute the heat evenly across the width of the hair section not just the middle section like other hair straighteners. With three heat settings, you can also find the one that works best for you. I have thick, and somewhat coarse hair, so the 185 degree setting works best for me and means that don’t have to redo sections of my hair, thereby reducing the amount of time I need to style my hair. Also the regulated temperature setting means there’s less chance of too much heat on your hair which I think contributes my hair looking shiny and less damaged. I will say that as you move the plates down the length of your hair, there is an odd pulling sensation but that is the flexing plates keeping your hair together. You get used to it after a few times and don’t notice it much after.

The lithium battery does add extra weight to the tool but not enough for it to be a concerning factor. I used it consistently over the course of a few weeks, and because of the ease of movement and the technology, I didn’t feel it made any difference to my hand or arm being overly tired.


Should I buy a Dyson Corrale?

Like many other Dyson products, the Corrale is not cheap. At a recommended retail price of $699, it is markedly more expensive than other straighteners on the market. But with the technology involved and the long term benefits to your hair, it is a worthwhile consideration. The reduction in heat damage is definitely a big tick for me when it comes to a styling tool so it’s worth considering this when factoring in the pros and cons of such a large investment.

It is a long term investment but like other Dyson products, they usually last the distance – just ask my Dyson stick vacuum from 2012! For me, I balance the cost per use, quality of the product and whether it will deliver. My advice is that if you were considering it, definitely take the time and opportunity to have a play with the Corrale at your nearest Dyson stockist. I know that I have been able to try the Supersonic hair dryer at a store and also in a salon, and based on that I at least know that when my current hair dryer dies, that’ll be my next purchase!

The Dyson Corrale is now available at Dyson.com.au or at leading department stores.





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