Celebrated nutritionist Lola Berry has teamed up with coffee mastermind Salvatore Malatesta of St Ali to open up Happy Place juice bar and cafe at South Melbourne market, with the goal of delivering a sense of health and happiness to each customer. Happy Place is all about inspiring wellness and being a place where you can pick up a healthy on-the-go meals, snacks, smoothies and juices! We caught up with Lola Berry this week to talk about Happy Place and to get some healthy tips for Winter!

We’re so excited about the launch of Happy Place! Not only for the delicious food & drinks but also for what the place means to you and what you want it to be for other people! Can you tell us a bit about why this is not just another health cafe and what was the inspiration behind opening it?
The whole concept of Happy Place is to create a space where people can not only be nourished but also find their happy place. It is designed to empower them to put themselves first, right down to the menu where our smoothies and salads are infused with flower essence each with unique benefits. When you buy a smoothie you also get given a crystal which you can either put your intention into, make a wish or pay it forward by giving it to someone else. In the design, there is clear quartz crystal embedded into the floor, and a massive crystal feature on the wall. It’s all about looking at health from a holistic perspective and helping you to find happiness within yourself.

How did your collaboration with Salvatore come about?
Sal and I have been talking about this for almost 10 years, and it’s been a total dream come true! Sal has always had an interest in health and over the years has featured some of my recipes on his St.Ali menu. It’s an honour to be working with Sal he’s not only a true friend but has taught me so much about business and self belief, so i really cannot thank him enough for this opportunity.

Tell us a bit about what we can expect for Happy Place’s menu.
Think smoothies infused with flower essences, salads, raw treats, the first on tap kombucha in Melbs, we’ve also made sure there’s loads of vegan, fructose friendly and paleo options on the menu. So it doesn’t matter what kind of diet you’re on, it’s been designed so you should be able to find something that nourishes you and makes you feel happy!

Are there any surprises for those that are visiting the cafe? (e.g. if you want to reveal the details of the floor or quartz stones with smoothies)

The floor has clear quartz in it, there’s a massive crystal built into the wall, the smoothies will be infused with healing flower essences, and we’re having an energetic healer come in and cleanse the peace before we open. We’re looking forward to bringing magic to the whole experience!

As we’re heading into Winter, what are your top tips to stay healthy and well this season.

Bone broth is a brilliant immune booster, in fact we have it at Happy Place! Also think warming spices like ginger and cinnamon which promote blood  flow to the extremities to help keep your hands and feet warm this winter! I love raw garlic too to ward of the winter bugs, you have to chew it up to release the “allicin” which is  the active part that’s full of the natural antibiotic health gems!

You are a positive role model to so many people – you’ve achieved so much and maintained a happy lifestyle. What would you say has been the driving force or mantra that you live by that has contributed to your success.
I really just believe in doing what you love, working hard  and living from the heart, I think that goes so far. I think you’re the only person who can make your dreams come true, and you’re the only person who can stop you, so why not take your dreams as far as humanly possible, it’s your heart, your goals, and your dreams. Believe in yourself and anything is possible! Go out and live that dream!
Happy Place, Stall 56 South Melbourne Market, Cecil Street South Melbourne
Open 7am to 5pm every day

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