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The Modern Muse. Witcherys A/W 14 campaign is all about the Modern Muse and the launch earlier this month showcased some of hottest trends we’ll be seeing as we move into winter. To perfect the look off the runway, we can max out our credits at Witchery but how can we get the perfect hair of the Modern Muse?

We asked Redken, who were behind the beautiful hair styles showcased during the Witchery AW14 runway.

Amanda Kowalevsky, Oscar Oscar Salons for Redken, said the look was quite tough and edgy, drawing inspiration from the collection. “To complement this collection we wanted to create a look that was strong and quite raw, so we combined a gloss finish on top with textured ends – for a uniquely modern look,”

To recreate the look at home, follow these easy steps.

1.    To give the hair body and texture, apply Redken Rootful 06 and Redken Guts 10 styling products on dry hair and saturate the hair until it is wet.

2.    Rough-dry the hair using just your fingers and hairdryer until it is 100% dry. Then using a fine-toothed comb create a centre part.

3.    Then take a section from your temple to your ear and comb this section horizontally to the back of your head. Secure this section with bobby pins and then smooth hair down using your hands and Redken Flash Shine 02 for a glossy finish.

4.    Next smooth down the loose top section of hair and tuck it behind the ears, this will cover the bobby-pins.

5.    Create a raw and organic texture through ends by ruffling the hair with the finger-tips.

6.    To finish the look spray Redken Flash Shine 02 on the top section of the hair and add Redken Powder Grip 03 on the ends for a dry texture. Leave the hair out or tie back in to a low ponytail secured at the nape. Finally a light spray of Redken Forceful 23 hairspray is used to finish the look.

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Images by Chantell Bianchi

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