It’s getting hot out there and with only a few days left before we officially mark the start of my favourite season, Summer!  It means spending more time outside with friends and family at BBQs and picnics and the occasional trip to the beach. I can’t explain how much I love Summer but the sunshine, warmth in the air, beach and blooming gardens just make me very happy. I’ve made a promise to myself this Summer to spend more of it outside and relax more after a busy year sitting in an air-conditioned office. Trips to the beach or park are definitely on my list and taking the opportunity to sit at an outside table at a cafe are what’s in store for me!

The change of pace and lifestyle as we head into Summer, marks a time in the year where I take stock of what I need to do in my Beauty regime. What works for me in the cooler months doesn’t necessarily translate when it’s warmer and I’ve already started to see the difference a warmer climate has on what I need and don’t need in my Beauty regime.  So as I take stock, I’ve put together my top tips to keep your hair hot and healthy this Summer.



1.  For those with coloured hair, evaluate your Shampoo and Conditioner and look for haircare that is 100% Sulphate Free

Sun exposure can dull one’s hair colour and leave it looking lifeless and flat. The trick is to find hair care products that will don’t contain harsh chemicals that are likely to make your hair worse with sun exposure. Find a 100% sulphate-free hair care range that will not strip your hair colour but will enhance it with natural ingredients.

I’ve been using L’Oreal Hair Expertise PureColour Moisture, a 100% Sulphate-free range that contains botanical oils such as Juniper and Rosemary Oil. The formulation features anti-fade system and UV filters to help keep colour longer (which helps me immensely because I don’t have much free time to go and get my hair recoloured!) and I’ve found that the botanical oils have really helped to nourish my hair so it isn’t limp and lifeless. Especially after spending time out in the sun, where my hair would have historically started to go limp from moisture evaporation and produce oils to compensate, using PureColour has really helped to protect my hair and maintain the moisture in my hair.

2. Strengthen and prevent breakage 

The sun can dry out and damage your hair, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage, and given it’s party season, using styling tools like curlers and straighteners will also add to damage that you might be doing to your hair. To combat damage to your hair, definitely look to add in a regular treatment for your hair to strengthen and prevent breakage.

I’ve been using L’Oreal Hair Expertise EverStrong Strengthening and Repairing Mask Treatment once a week to help strengthen my hair. The formulation of the mask has a patented Bio-Ceramide Complex, which strengthens the hair fibre, and botanical oils that replenish moisture and nourish the hair.  If you think you don’t have time for a mask, I pop the mask on and do a quick body exfoliation whilst I’m waiting for the mask to soak into my hair. Once I’ve finished the scrub, I do a full rinse! No excuses for not spending the time to do a hair treatment!

3. Protect your hair from styling tools 

Summer is party season which means if you’re anything like me, the straightener gets a greater workout than usual! Be sure to use a product to protect against the heat from styling tools. A quick spray of L’Oreal Paris’ Hair Expertise Supersleek to pre-styled hair will help to prevent heat damage that makes hair brittle and susceptible to breakage.

I find this particular heat protect spray is great as it’s actually helps with my hair straightener to create the perfect style (seriously when I do it without the spray my hair frizzes up funny and looks dry), and helps keep my hair hydrated.

4. Prevention is better than cure

As we head into Summer, it’s good to be mindful of what you will need as part of your haircare regime and what you need to protect your hair from the sun, surf, wind and sand. By putting in some small changes now before Summer really hits, it means you can maintain a head of healthy hair.

For more information on the L’Oreal Hair Expertise Range visit www.beautyofpure.com.au

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Katherine Ng

Katherine is not your typical Beauty Editor. Finance consultant by day and beauty and fashion addict at all other times, Katherine spends her hard-earned money helping the Australian and international economy with her never ending pursuit of everything pretty. A keen traveller, Katherine still holds dear her Melbourne roots with an overflowing wardrobe filled with black clothes, shoes and handbags. Katherine also has a deep love of food and wine, and you can find those adventures on instagram at @thegreedykat Email: [email protected] Twitter: @kath_couturing Instagram: @kath_ng

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