Tilley Soaps Australia, the country’s oldest and leading manufacturer in soaps and perfumery is celebrates a milestone, 150 years in business for quality home and body products.

Presenting their Violet anniversary collection at a special Luncheon at The Stables At Como in South Yarra, Tilley introduced an array of beautifully scented soaps, bath and home décor to mark the milestone. Designed in collaboration with renowned local illustrator, Erin Whitty, Violet adds a vibrant touch to Tilley’s rich history that stems back to 1865. With traces of purple and green floral packaging, the new collection is true to the Tilley name.

“150 years is a milestone for any Australian business and we are incredibly proud to release our special anniversary collection, brilliantly captured by Erin Whitty,” said Patrick Arundel, Managing Director of Tilley Soaps Australia, “The quintessential green violet fragrance is a 19th century classic aroma and was always the front runner to celebrate Tilley’s milestone anniversary,”



The scent was developed in conjunction with the Tilley Soaps master perfumer, and combines a subtle infusion of floral notes including Violet and Lily of the Valley to exude pure simplicity.

Founded in 1865 by Arthur Tilley, an Englishman who had migrated to Australia at the age of eight, the company opened its first factory in Surrey Road, South Yarra and established operations of Tilley Soap and Perfumery Works. Distributing the products around Australia, it wasn’t long before the brand became a world-class name and was sold globally.

Soap making is an art, not a science, and Arthur was often quoted as saying, “A soap maker is never done learning the art of making soap” – a saying that still plays a big part of the brand’s success and one of the reasons why Tilley continues to deliver premium products for the home and body.

Speaking to Historian Stella M. Barber on the day, Tilley’s rich history of entrepreneurial partnerships is what helped the brand stay strong and continue to manufacture in their Bayswater warehouse today.

“Arthur was so successful, he won prizes at colonial exhibitions and exported his soap all over the world,” said Stella Barber, Historian and Archivist for Tilley.


The Tilley brand has lived through two world wars, a Great Depression and many more challenges, yet still manages to make beautifully scented products that continue to surprise and entice their loyal fan base.

“With a strong family of entrepreneurs, Arthur’s three sons inherited the business after his passing in 1912,” added Ms Barber.

Taking over the brand in 1997, the successful duo Paul Matulin and Patrick Arundel renamed the brand to Tilley Soaps Australia and slowly proceeded to expand the business. With a wider product range, updated equipment and addition employees, Tilley has built an empire in homewares manufacturing; one we have come to know and love today.


To discover more about the fragrance and Tilley’s 150-year history, head to www.tilleysoaps.com.au.


Photography by Guy Evans.

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