Winter wreaking havoc on your skin regime? We sat down with Yasmin Najjar, founder of neoSKiN one of Victoria’s most highly respected skin clinics. With a reputation for reliable, accessible and affordable skin treatment solutions and a loyal following that currently includes over 8,000 clients, neoSKiN offers result focused, non­invasive cosmetic treatments and the clinics deliver outstanding results in all aspects of skin health and rejuvenation through superior and advanced treatments in addition to the best in retail offerings from their new range, NEO, and premium skincare brands. So who better to get your tips from than with Yasmin.

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What are your top tips for looking after your skin?

  • Wear an spf every day. A SPF15+ is ok for winter but during the summer months a SPF 30+ or higher is an absolute must. Especially if you are undergoing any laser or skin treatments or are prone to pigmentation.
  • Get your skin health checked twice a year by your regular skin clinician or therapist. Change of season or hormones may mean you need to swap around your home care accordingly. Never assume that what you have used for the last 3 years is still the correct choice for your skin.
  • Always, always remove your makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly. It is amazing how many people buy expensive creams but still use cheap make­up wipes or just water to clean their skin. A clarisonic is a great way to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleaned and prevents any breakout or congestion due to product and dirt build up.
  • I know it is boring.. But… drink lots of water. I find that adding some extra treats to my water bottle such as mint, lemon or fruit can make it that much easier.

Do you have any specific tips to look after your skin in Winter?

  • Use a hydrating serum such as a hyaluronic acid to boost skins natural hydration levels. Simply add to your am and pm routine, underneath your moisturiser.
  • For very dry skin, a nourishing oil may be introduced especially if you spend lots of time outdoors or on the slopes. A rosehip oil for example may be enough to stop your skin from feeling stripped and dry.
  • Look at switching up your nightly moisturiser to something a little heavier.


Why do you think it’s important to have regular facials?

Regular facials are not only totally enjoyable and relaxing but they are also a great chance to have someone regularly check your skins health and to keep you educated on the right ingredients to be using. It also keeps skin, free of blackheads, congestion and addresses skin concerns quickly and pre­emptively rather that once the problem is too far along. One of the biggest benefits is maintaining hydration levels and skin health.

What’s one of your favourite facials at neoSKiN and why?

I am totally in love with our neoBright facial that I combine with a microdermabrasion. My skin always feels plump and glowing afterwards. It combines vitamin C and oxygen to re­hydrate and brighten the skin. I always have a neoBright facial before any big events as my skin is luminous after. This is a great pre­wedding or for a red carpet treatment.

neoSKiN has it’s own range of skincare. What was the inspiration behind coming up with this range and what does the range include?

NEO is a result of years of skin care research and in­clinic practice at neoSKiN. We created four hero products starring key anti­aging, skin firming and hydrating ingredients in targeted formulations. Being Australian made and owned we wanted to provide our customers with a results­driven cosmeceutical range which maximises skin potential. NEO is skincare by numbers. A personalised skin equation, a combination of 1,2,3,4, + creating refined, glowing and more youthful skin.

NEO is available for purchase online at and at all neoSKiN clinics
Neo Bright Facial is available at Neo SKiN clinics (South Melbourne, Williamstown and Richmond).

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