Japan is recognised as one of the world’s leaders in fashion and street style. Districts such as Harajuku which are famous for the outrageous fashion statements worn by locals, have captured the imagination of photographers around the world, who flock to Japan to capture the amazing fashion.

As one of Japan’s top street style photographers, Rei Shito captures Japan’s unique fashion personalities on her blog STYLE from TOKYO. “With street style I can directly connect to the people by talking with them and can find out about their lifestyle,” she says about why she has chosen to focus on this part of fashion culture.

What is about Japan’s street style that makes it so unique? “Tokyo’s style consists of three elements” she says. “Mixture, layered and genderless. For example, I saw many people in who Tokyo matched high-brand and casual brand, or combine a vintage and branded things. They mixture different icons together, and that mixing creates Tokyo’s style. Layers is also an important part of Japanese style. Their approach to layering is based on traditional elements. For example, wearing the kimono is like a putting the layered in tiers. As this Japanese way was taken over for many years in past, and now today they apply it to western couture. Another key focus is the concept of genderless fashion. The don’t select their clothes as men’s or women’s, simply when they find a good one, which looks good on them and fits their size.”

Being in such a dynamic industry, what does Shito enjoy most about her job? “The trend in fashion at Tokyo is changing so rapidly”, she says. “I’m often out of town for work, visiting Paris, Sydney, etc. When I came back to Tokyo from the trip, every time I find that the trend in Tokyo has been changed. In fact, those changes attract me. That’s why I’m based in Tokyo. I don’t want to miss the movement of Tokyo.”

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