Stella Artois launched the ‘Stella Artois Sensorium’ in Australia – a multi-sensorial, multi-course dining experience featuring food and beer pairings inspired by the spectrum of flavours in the renowned beer.
The inspiration for Stella Artois’ Sensorium began with the brand’s iconic glass chalice, which was designed to enhance consumers’ senses as they sip the Belgian-style lager. To ensure that the senses are sharpened, Stella Artois have enlisted Shannon Bennett from Melbourne’s Vue de monde to create a custom designed menu,
one which disregards traditional dining principles in favour of an immersive journey. With each course set to enhance the senses, Shannon’s vision was developed with Stella Artois in mind and designed to showcase its versatility as a compliment to a full spectrum of different flavours.

The event took place at an exclusive private residence in Sydney’s Gordon’s Bay, the evening showcasing the brand’s 600 years of brewing expertise as well as the brand’s heritage which was brought to life with a custom designed bar, incorporating the beer’s famous ‘nine-step pouring ritual’. As part of the evening, Stella Artois hoste  Australian actor and Pirates of the Caribbean star Zoe Ventoura as well as actors Michael Dorman and Tim Ross.

Zoe Ventoura and Shannon Bennett

As part of the immersive experience, guests were given the opportunity to view Stella Artois’ first Australian television campaign, documenting the story of Sebastian and Isabella Artois and their resilience to become brew masters and global icons.

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