The thing about Richmond, apart from the fact that it has four individual train stations on two different lines, is that each section of it is different from the last.  Today we will be looking at North Richmond, or as some of you may know it, the ‘IKEA side of Richmond’.


Brunch at The Tree of Us

The Tree of Us is located on that part of Church Street that gets you from Bridge Road to Victoria Street.   If you’re looking for a place that does a perfect mix of café style dishes and excellent burgers, this is the place.  If you’re worried about eating a burger before noon there is no need to fret with The Tree of Us’s phenomenal breakie burger.


Visit Citizens Park

If you haven’t come out of hibernation from your snowed-in log yet, you probably haven’t noticed the increased balminess in the weather.  For those who have come out of hibernation, why not visit Citizens Park.  With areas for picnicking as well as an oval, Citizens Park has something for everyone with the chance for a nice fitness jog, or some anti-fitness eating of soft cheeses on a rug. The park is child friendly, dog friendly and bike friendly for people who like friendly things.


Get Phở on Victoria Street

I’m not one for hyperbole or misusing words but there are literally a billion places to get Phở on Victoria Street.  Sweeping Melbourne like a wave of noodle soup, Phở is this year’s Laksa, which was the previous year’s Ramen (I assume Ramen will be next year’s Phở).  Essentially Phở is a delicious noodle soup, which is all you need to know really.


Have a pint at The Royston Hotel

The Royston might not look like much from the outside – if you can find it that is – but it has a rich beer-filled inside, which is what you will have you stop by for a pint or two.  The Royston has a healthy range of beers on tap that doesn’t include Carlton Draught, so everyone’s a winner.  If you have any room left after your brunch and Phở, the Royston also has an impressive menu to whet your appetite while you wet your whistle.

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