Couturing were lucky enough to go behind the scenes at Stevie Dance’s latest collaboration with Melbourne’s GPO for their Autumn/Winter 12 editorial. One of the world’s most in demand stylists, this is Stevie’s second collaboration with MGPO, who are doing great things to promote their stable of amazing designers.

Check out all the behind the scenes action and Couturing’s interview with the impossibly cool and down-to-earth Miss Dance.

1. This is your second season consulting with Melbourne’s GPO. What does it mean to you to be involved with such a fantastic retailer?

MGPO is home to some of my favourite retailers, so it feels very natural for me to work with them. It’s also a real honour to be working with them

2. MGPO has a wide range of labels in its stable, so when planning an editorial how do you go about coming up with a concept to visually capture the different design aesthetics?

It is very organic. It really is a touch and feel process.



3. As part of your job, you’ve travelled the world and currently reside in New York. How does Melbourne fashion and style compare with that of cities you’ve visited?

Melbourne style is really unique and I have always found it admirable. It is in my mind really sophisticated and often infused with cultural notes.


4. You’ve said that if you weren’t a stylist, you would be making films. You are currently writing your own film. What appeals to you about this medium?

I love to tell stories. That is what attracted me to working with photographers and in fashion. I love the idea of creating a world full of unexpected sensations.


5. You have become a favourite of street style photographers around the world, especially during fashion week. Why do you think the people have been increasingly interested in what editors and stylists are wearing?

I think personal style has long been an intriguing topic for social banter and visual reportage. Being able to express oneself through clothing is an awesome outlet. I am always attracted to people’s style that is innately their own, usually low-key and not based on a how much they spent, but more, how they wore it.




6. You’ve had an amazing career so far, becoming Fashion Editor at Russh and working with some of the top names in fashion. What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced getting to where you are today, and what have been some of the highlights?

Working in fashion is a full-time life force. I love being on set when you feel a moment about to happen in front of the lens; when the team serendipitously feels it all come together for just one click. Getting there is the challenge but the reward of the image outweighs everything else completely.


7. You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Is there anyone you are dying to work with?

Juergen Teller!


8. You have a way of making looking cool seem effortless. Do you have any fashion faux pas you’d rather forget?

I don’t believe in fashion faux pas! Mistakes are what make a person charming.


Thanks Stevie, MGPO and raraPR for this great opportunity!


Stay tuned for MGPO’s latest editorial styled by Stevie Dance.


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