The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is always a great source of inspiration, with the leaders in floral and landscape design in one place, it’s the perfect place to immerse your senses. We invited some of our favourite influencers to explore the show and let us know how they indulge themselves.



Stylist, creative director, and fashion commentator, Lana Wilkinson loves immerse her senses by bringing flora into her house to add a sense of homeliness to the space. “It’s not even about aesthetics…[it’s about] bring that calm and serenity, and flowers are just beautiful!”




Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar maven, Sarah Holloway loves to immerse her senses with beautiful aromas, with flowers being her favourite way to do so. “I’m a really big fan of rose petals and the beautiful smell of roses, so I love burning essential oils, [and using rose water] mist spray…that always sits on my desk”.



Style documentarian and street style photographer, Liz Sunshine has a great eye for aesthetics, and loves to immerse her senses by getting outside and into Melbourne’s cityscape and parklands. “I find myself wandering through the gardens of Melbourne on a weekly basis…looking for people [and] looking for inspiration”.


@lisacouturing Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Teh is a big fan of fragrances – whether that’s a choice of perfume, or an abundance of gorgeous, fragrant florals in her home. “I love having fresh flowers in my home, I try and go to the market every week and I feel it almost brings a little bit of the outside into my home”.


The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is on for one more day (2nd of April) so for more information, or for tickets, visit

Images courtesy of Street Smith

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