This week’s Hydration Helper is from cult Korean skincare brand Laneige. If you’re a beauty aficionado, then you know Laneige for its go-to Lip Mask, which produces luscious, hydrated lips (definitely one to have on your bedside table), however their skin care range epitomises the best in K-Beauty with formulations using the best that nature has given us. In search for something to give my skin a big burst of hydration, this week I review Laneige’s Water Bank Moisture Cream.


What is it?

The Water Bank range is one of Laneige’s best selling skincare range – the premise of the range comes from 25 years of research into ingredients that infuse nutrients and also a hydration hit. Whilst the name of the range says Water Bank, you’d be surprised to learn that the formulation draws from nutrient rich vegetable extracts from brussel sprouts, artichoke leaves, garden cress and lima beans. It provides a nutrient rich moisture injection and locking it in with a protective moisture barrier. It’s also packed with AHAs and Hyaluronic acid to help lock in the nutrients and hydration.


It’s unsurprising that the use of vegetable extracts would make sense to use in a cream. After all, it is feeding your skin a range of nutrients.
The cream is lightweight with a subtle fragrance. It feels silky and weightless so you only need a pea size amount for full coverage. The cream comes with an applicator which is so useful for ensuring you use the right amount (and avoid wastage!) and great for reducing the contamination if you were to use your fingers to retrieve the cream from the jar.

The great thing about the Water Bank Moisture cream is how long it keeps your skin hydrated. Once applied, it absorbs well into the skin, without leaving any residue or stickiness. But the kicker is how soft and supple your skin feels and for how long it keeps your skin hydrated. I tried it both as a day cream and night cream and can attest at how much it helped the hydration of my skin. It doesn’t have SPF but if you pop a sheer layer of SPF underneath you’re set for the day. I wore a CC cream over it and it didn’t cause any additional oiliness or cause the coverage to move so it could be an option if you’re looking for day time hydration. I loved wearing it at night as my skin glows when I wake up. I find it somewhat satisfying that its done its work during the night so I can start the day with fresh skin.


The Water Bank range also includes the Water Bank Essence Serum and the Water Bank Hydro Gel cream. Laneige can be purchased at

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