Social influencers seem to live the best lives, don’t they? Who knew a Youtube channel or a review blog could lead to jetsetting to the Maldives for product launches, being offered long term rentals on luxury cars and even designed custom made wedding gowns! But while we might see all the seemingly effortless outcomes, being an influencer is hard work, especially when starting. If you’ve got the style and commitment to becoming an influencer, here are social media and influencer Digital Marketing specialist’s Tailor Digital‘s top tips for success:

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Specialise in your niche While having a larger “theme” might attract more followers, specialising in a particular area creates opportunities to have a highly committed audience. That highly committed audience is more likely to stay loyal, engage with your content through comments and likes, and buy products and services you recommend. I know sells facebook likes but there are many agencies out there which sell Instagram likes, too. Make effective utilization from them. This is all highly valuable to brands who may want to work with you!

What are you offering? It might seem like your favourite influencers offer nothing but pretty photos, but look a little closer. Are they sharing an aspirational life? Do they share tips or How-Tos? Or maybe they are inspiring you professionally? Content should always be valuable, so focusing on what you can give your audience is setting you up to a go-to influencer.

You’re part of your community The main appeal of influencers is their ability to appear relatable while also aspirational. Part of this is showing connection to and appreciation of your community. Replying to comments, reaching out to like and comment on other people’s social feeds and being aware and reactive to industry news shows you’re here to be a part of it.

Promote yourself Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Promotion doesn’t need to be about tooting your own horn, and it’s definitely not overtaking someone elses content. But being visible means being found – from ensuring the account you comment from is linked to your website, to having a comprehensive about page with means to contact you.

Be in it for the long haul While influencers seem to appear overnight, the reality is that most major names in the game took time to built the clout they now define their brand by. If you’re hoping for an overnight success, this is not the industry for you. Success is instead defined by the small and consistent activity you take that builds a strong and sustained audience who are genuinely invested in what you do, and what you have to offer.


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