Mark Townsend is one of Hollywood’s most influential hairstylists. His career spans every aspect of the business, from photo shoots and advertising campaigns to fashion and celebrity – he has styled the hair of some of the words biggest stars including all of the Olsen’s (Mary Kate and Ashley exclusively for over 10 years – he is responsible for their tousled chic look), Jennifer Lawrence, Diane Kruger, Emilia Clarke, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon (her iconic post-divorce Golden Globes do – that was him).  In 2009 he became the International Dove Celebrity Hairstylist – a position that has  taken him all over the world speaking on behalf of the brand  – including Australia for the first time this year!  He’s managed to collect a loyal following of clients including top photographers Terry Richardson, Peter Lindbergh and Annie Leibovitz. When we were offered the opportunity to ask Mark what his thoughts were on Summer hair, how could we pass up talking to a hair genius?


With Beach season in full swing, how can we maintain our hair’s natural shine and bounce using the new Dove Advanced Hair series range? 

Hair gets so damaged during the summer, with the wind, sand and salt ripping all the moisture our of your hair so it’s important to protect the hair. The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil ($19.95) has coconut, almond and macadamia oils that can penetrate the hair shaft getting moisture and nourishment inside the hair and a light mineral oil to lubricate and seal the cuticle. This dry oil can be used in wet, damp or dry hair and doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it feel greasy so you can apply throughout the day to keep hair shiny and smooth.

What is a great summer haircare routine our readers can follow?

Hair needs extra love in the summertime so give your hair a deep moisturising and nourishing treatment once a week by adding several pumps of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil to Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner ($6.49) and leaving it in the hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

How can we minimise frizzy hair?

Fighting frizz starts in the shower, and that’s why I’m so obsessed with Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. They have oils that penetrate to get inside the hair shaft to replenish lost and damaged lipids and providing loads of moisture. I recommend combing the conditioner through the hair while in the shower to make sure it gets evenly distributed. After showering apply a few pumps of the dry oil to damp hair to seal the cuticle and protect against frizz.

What are some of your key products to keep hair hydrated?

Especially during the summer it’s good to give your hair as much moisture as possible so look for moisturising ingredients like coconut oil. I have many clients that mix unrefined coconut oil with a few pumps of the dry oil and leave it in their hair while at the beach or while swimming.

We’re also in the midst of summer party season. Do you have any tips to help us achieve our best party look?

I love hair that is soft, touchable and shiny, and not too overdone so it is really important to pay attention to small details to dress up any look. I spray extra hold hairspray on a reusable mascara wand to clean up the hairs around the ears and nape of the neck when doing sleek ponytails or chignons. And never underestimate the power of a well placed hair accessory, I love to use a colored bobby pin with a deep side part for a young, flirty look and headbands are EVERYWHERE this season which is perfect for holiday parties!

The new Dove Advanced Hair Range contains the brand’s most advanced nourishment solutions to replenish and enhance hair’s specific properties. The range includes Dove’s best in class technology, including the blending of premium ingredients, and is at the core of each of the new collections to deliver exceptional care for hair.

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