Mornings can be one of the most rushed times of our day, especially in winter – we’ve hit snooze, spent a bit longer in a hot shower and now we have five minutes to get some breakfast into our bellies.

But with a few kitchen staples on hand and some tricks up our sleeves, we can turn breakfast from an afterthought into a well-planned meal!

Five Minute Healthy Breakfasts

Shopping List

  1. Yoghurt: invest in some delicious yoghurt like Co Yo, or dairy-based yoghurt if you prefer. Yoghurt is not only a great alternative to milk, but it is enriched with probiotics (good bacteria) that are essential for good health.
  2. Nuts: if you get your hands on a good trail mix, this is perfect because it will give you a decent mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.
  3. Buckwheat groats: don’t sound amazing, but their flavour and health benefits are well worth the unattractive name.
  4. Flakes: rice, oat, quinoa, buckwheat – these are handy in cool or warm breakfast mixes.
  5. Coconut: shredded, flaked, desiccated – it will add texture and flavour to your breakfast.
  6. Fresh fruit: apples and bananas are best this time of year.
  7. Milk: choose a nut milk or stick with an organic dairy variety.

Five Minute Healthy Breakfasts

Tips & Tricks

Preparation is key in making sure you get out the door on time, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get breakfast… and your tram.

Soak your nuts and groats – place your trail mix or buckwheat groats, or both, in a glass and fill with filtered water. Cover with a clean tea towel and soak overnight. This will draw out any of the harsh gases that are present in the nuts e.g. CO2. In the morning, give them good rinse to wash off any remnants of these extracted gases. The texture of the nuts and groats will be softer and the colour will change slightly, this is normal. You can soak up to two days nut mix at a time, and store in a container with paper towel.

For quick, cool breakfasts – work with a combination of the following: yoghurt, trail mix, groats, flakes and fresh fruit. If you are really pushed for time, pack them into a plastic container and devour en route.

For warm, wonderful breakfasts – use flakes as the base, add milk, diced fresh fruit, nuts and groats. You can cook them stovetop, or put them in the microwave. Adding cinnamon and agave or honey is a great way to sweeten the deal… if the fruit is not sweet enough!

Breakfast is important because it kick-starts your metabolism for the day. It gives your body fuel to get through the morning and supports your brain to function… pre-coffee.

Use these tips to find a way to make this meal work for you.

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