For a collection combining structure and slight androgyny, Head Case Hair’s Jon Pulitano created an organic-looking hair style for Dion Lee’s Line II runway at MBFWA for Redken. For a style that appears rather natural, this look is in fact highly considered with each style factor coming together to represent a different element of Dion’s collection. Styled with fresh, dewy faces, this top knotted style is a modern update on the “just rolled out of bed” look favoured by runway stylists of late.

“We wanted to keep the style relaxed and natural,” Jon told Couturing as we had an exclusive backstage look at the show styling this morning. “It’s Dion’s diffusion line so it’s definitely not as structured as his main line- it’s a little bit younger and a bit more relaxed. There’s a little bit of a Japanese influence with the top knot. The Japanese influence comes from the structuralism of it, the cut outs in the fabric and the details.”

This relaxed style is simple to achieve from home, yet each element has been highly and carefully considered. “We used Redken Rootful root lifting spray and applied that to dry hair to accentuate the natural texture in the hair,” Jon tells us. “We created a very low side part that gives us a bit of a tougher and more masculine aesthetic. We wanted a bit of hair to fall on the face- with a low sir part the hair does just naturally fall to one side. We dried the product in to create that natural texture, then took a section out for the top knot.”

Use of styling tools was kept to a bare minimum to maintain an organic approach. “We did everything with our fingers- there were no combs. We didn’t want any strong lines as everything had to look organic. With the top knot, on the heavy side where the hair had fallen, we went right in to the top knot to make it thinner.

“We used a Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide which is a serum. We applied that through the whole hair to create a a semi-wet look to make it a bit tougher and not so pretty. We finished with Forceful 23, which is Redken’s strongest hairspray, and sprayed that into the part line and around those areas where the light will hit and that we wanted to be quite strong.”


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