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Keeping in line with Couturing’s focus on organic fragrances – see our article on Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends – this week we will be reviewing the French brand Acorelle,  and their range of organic perfumes.

Say au revoir  to toxic ingredients and synthetic chemicals – the raw ingredients of Acorelle’s eau de parfums are pure and natural, and provide beauty-conscious women with a natural way to smell beautiful.

The essential oils contained in Acorelle Eux de Parfum act on the psycho-emotional sphere to restore the balance and harmony necessary to well-being.

The nine fragrances are divided into three and are dedicated to three aspects of emotions and thought. For those of you who are looking for something that will pep you up for the party season, try the Dynamic fragrances;

1. Jardin des Thes –
2. Chypre Essentiel – fulfilling
3. Terre de Cedre – encouraging

If it’s something more mellow you want for those summer days at the beach, try the Balancing fragrances;

1. R de Rose –
2. Absolu Tiare – balancing
3. Vanille Ambree – comforting

For scents that relax and ease the mind, try the Soothing fragrances;

1. Orchidee Blanche –
2. Lotus Bambou – relaxing
3. Verveine Agrume – soothing

*Images courtesy of Acorelle

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